Thursday, May 27, 2010

The North Ten

There is a space in my backyard that is about 12 feet by 10 feet that I was not happy with. It contained Ice plant in the center and rose bushes all around. This area sat right outside my dinning room and breakfast area so that, when you sat in either room and looked out the window, that's what you wasn't the prettiest view. So being the ambitious bunny that I am, I proceeded to rip everything out...EVERYTHING! It took me a long while as I had and have a few ailments besides being just plain old that kept me from working sore knee, bad back, gall bladder know, the usual. It must of taken me about a year to complete just the purging itself. What was left was a dirt lot...I even managed to get rid of most of the larger rocks and stones. I worked the soil, I added this and that and even added soil softener as our soil is kinda like clay. When I was finished, I envisioned a Crape Myrtle tree in the center...not just any Crape Myrtle, but what is called , a Petite Crape Myrtle, one that wouldn't grow so wide and tall, one that was a vibrant lavender and I also envisioned cosmos and giant Gerber daisies and anything else that would grow in zone 8.

Isn't it just lovely? Imagine sitting in my dinning room or eating breakfast or lounging in the patio for that matter sipping wine or even a cup of herbal tea and gazing upon such loveliness. This vibrant yet delicate tree surrounded by an assortment of bright and cherry floral and fauna. Hey! Let's throw in some humming birds and lady bugs and butterflies while were sittin' back takin' it all in.

....and then, when I was all done with the demolishion and I started to look again for this elusive tree, there were non to be found. Apparently there hasn't been a good crop in a while and my window of planting was March, April and May. So what do I do? Do I wait a whole year with a dirt square smack dab outside my windows? Eric told me to throw some wild flower seeds in there, which would make it very pretty...but I want my tree and I'd just have to rip everything out ....AGAIN!

I don't give up very easily, as I said before in another post...I'm like a dog with a bone...sometimes I just can't let it go, BUT, I did this time. Perhaps I'm tired or maybe I'm just mellowing out, but all Raquel had to do was ask if she could grow some veggie there and I gave in. She asked me what kind, I told her I don't know...go for it! And so...SHE DID!

Corn..lots and lots of corn...

I have nothing to do with this...I take no responsibility nor do I lend a hand. I told Raquel, "It's official, we are now white trash", "Nope, not yet" her response, "we'd be white trash if it was planted in the front yard" hhhmmm...wonder what she meant by "not yet"?

So, anyways, we are all amazed at the rate of growth and even the fact that it is growing at all. So we sit and have breakfast and the first thing we do is lift the blinds and check on the crop making sure that no critters have partaken in any nocturnal hanky panky or that mysterious corn circle don't mysteriously appear....except for these two..

Cleo likes to nibble at the leafy stocks that hang over the sidewalk as she walks by...

and Ginger likes to lay in the middle of the corn and roll back and forth

I will keep you posted on the progress of the little plot and hopefully the city's AG. Dept. doesn't catch wind of this and cite us for illegal growing of a substance or something like that. The funny thing is, is that I can't eat corn... I'm just sayin'


  1. LOL!!! You should have gone for wildflowers...easy to sow, natural, so hardy, just a bit of water if dry, and easy to rake away to plant your myrtle..have you thought about ordering one from a mail order house..lots of people get unusual trees that way..personally I love corn, but I would rather have a tree and flowers too..

  2. Have you ever thought of turning that corn into know, lemons into lemonaide sort of thing?

  3. Such a pretty tree!!! I love the pink flowers!!

  4. We turned our 10 x 40 plot into Maters and squash. I cant wait for those red steak sammiches. We already had grilled zucchinni. MMM. Would love to have some corn. Good luck with yours.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  5. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    if you're italian..then chances are your entire backyard would be a tomato garden!

    so maybe you're Italian trash!hehe...
    i can joke about that, because I'm italian! lol

    corn makes a wonderful privacy fence! i'm just sayin'!

    have a great night!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. Beware of crop circles!


    PS - would Cleo and Ginger like to join the Book Fiends Gallery over at the Literary Gato?

  7. I have a cat named Ginger too. That tree is gorgeous, you may have to find it online and plant in fall after the veggies are done!!!

  8. Oh my! All that work. I did when I was married the first time. Lived in Cordele GA and dug up all the daffodil bulbs in our yard because they were just haphazardly all over the place. I wanted to store them until the next season and then replant in a nice orderly fashion. Then I got divorced and all that work was for nought. HA! Corn is a great idea as it will grow big and tall but then whatcha gonna do after that? I say throw out some wildflower seat, put a bench, a little picket fence, climbing roses -- hey, the choices are limitless. Each year, a new theme! :) Have a happy week. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Bunny! Corn is great....but how about a knot garden with a bird bath in the center! Then, could you imagine the view from your indoors if you had birds coming to your bath? I'm just sayin'....Anita

  10. Nope, Canadian's don't celebrate Memorial Day. We celebrated Victoria Day last week. The 'Queen Mum's' birthday (she has passed away).

  11. Fingers crossed that you manage to get that gorgeous tree for next year!! it's so pretty!! Meanwhile, corn is good!!!

  12. Cleo's eyes are absolutely stunning and Ginger looks like such a sweet ball of fluff. I can't wait to see pictures. You will post pictures, once you get your tree wont you?.

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  14. Dear Bunny,
    all that work... you must have been exhausted!!! Actually I'm not a big fan of corn (I do not have a garden either LOL) but maybe I'd have gone for climbing roses, wisteria or lilacs????????????
    You'll definitely get your tree next year, though.

  15. Oh this is wonderful! I love corn. Your Raquel is quite ambitious. Great girl.
    Enjoy the fresh corn! Should be harvesting soon right?

  16. Hi Bunny: This post is so funny. I am in the process of redoing my lower yard too. It is too had to have 3 yards that have an English garden, one has to go. Anyway, I was praying for you today. Hope all is well with you my dear friend. Remember you are loved. Martha


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