Saturday, May 1, 2010

Open Letter

Dear Mr. I don't have a clue how to deal with babies,

Yeah, I'm talking to you. You didn't notice me today at the market because you we're too busy critiquing, criticizing and threatening your infant son. You didn't even know I was behind you in the card aisle making googly faces at him when you started your rant. I would suspect you son is about 1 year or there about, so I know he has a world of knowledge already and I'm gonna estimate your age at about ....hmmmm, 10, so you have 9 times the knowledge he has.

When you tell your infant son to stop dropping his toy and call him a bad boy and threaten him by telling him your not going to take him to the birthday party today, it took all my being to not slap you into next week. Did you not see the "Parenting" magazine sitting there right next to the cards or maybe I should have slipped it into your cart while you were busy berating your baby. And no, you didn't stop there, you started critiquing his little shoes and warning him to keep them on or 'you swear", he's not going later today. At this point, I'm thinking he doesn't know any better, why?...his cognitive thinking isn't developmentally mature and he's used to this. I'm sure you act like this at home, I mean, why would you save this performance for the public...right?...your 15 minutes of fame. You want recognition, perhaps you can start with a "How not to treat a baby" educational flick.

Even though I have a little puny AA in Childhood Development, any normal person would know that your son is incapable of holding on to a toy while being pushed in a cart. It's called "fine motor skills"..unlike your very well developed "motor mouth" skills, he can't help it...he's not at that developmental stage yet...but what does he know?...he probably loves you all the same. Until later, when your parenting skills boomerangs back at you and he turns around and tells you to F off. That would be a proud moment if you ask me...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Which reminds me...I kinda followed you around a little to make sure you didn't do anything REALLY stupid, but when you park your cart near the apples...your son is going to reach for them. What did you expect...a well adjusted, well behaved controlled his father?

So in conclusion, I hope you wife or partner screams at you in Latin when you get home today, so that you don't understand a word she's saying and threatens to keep you from partying tonight.

bunny, the baby saver

PS. Just thought you'd like to know that constantly bending over and picking things up is a good way to lose weight so that in the future you can play with your son.....I'm just sayin"


  1. YES!!!!! Would you mind coming to speak at our PTO meetings? :)))))))))

    Good for you. What a maroon.

    HAve a great day, Bunny! Anita

  2. I saw some real ding-a-lings today too...*shaking my head*

    I have one word for that man . . . condom!


  3. Hi Bunny: I hate that too. They are just babies for heaven's sake. Hey, guess what? I long time ago, in a land far, far away, I was a Preschool Director. How would have thought? Hugs, Martha

  4. WOO HOO! Je vais me dêpecher, donc!!!! :) Can't wait to see you Miss Bunny!!!


  5. You have to wonder if some parents even like their kids!!!

  6. Well said! Makes you want to take that baby right out of his cart and give him/her a real chance at happiness doesn't it! On a different note, thanks for the info. on the pom poms, you weren't intruding at all! I did end up finding some but will definitely check our dollar store next time and save myself $1! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa

  7. Well, at least he didn't act one way in public and then go home and start the abuse. He showed himself as he is -- A FLIPPING IDIOT WEIRDO! I get those every day around here, especially on the road. Poor baby! Why do some people even have kids? If you had said something, it wouldn't have made a difference. He probably doesn't think he is doing anything wrong. Hope you are having a better day, excluding weirdos! :) Tammy

  8. You don't have to be a parent, Bunny, to be made crazy by this type of thing...I am childless, but still would never give a baby a hard time, and the fact that he did it in public shows how clueless he is..hopefully they're idle threats...
    Never mind worrying about overpopulation, I always have believed that there should be mandatory parenting classes from the tweens onward for both genders, so that everyone with at least an 8th grade education understands the stages of development for many parents expect a little full-blown's not only ignorance, it's abuse...

  9. Ya know, that is just unsettling! Such a dud. Most of the time I just offer up prayers for peace and wisdom and love for those involved. Kudos to you for offering loving smiles and following for a while! ~ Angela

  10. I quite agree!! I have no children but have never treated any children I have cared for like that! They are children, they are supposed to learn, play, mess around, test their boundries, it's normal! I think I would have felt just like you xxx
    My pet hate is parents that don't watch their children! Are they not precious enough to them to hold their hand to stop them walking in the road?

  11. Oh brother, and on the flip side there are people who struggle to have a baby. Makes you wonder doesn't it.

  12. wow!people are so ignorant. I like that you followed them around for awhile.
    hope you had a great weekend otherwise.

  13. Oh, I just got angry reading this post. People are so stupid!!!!

  14. Oh heart just BROKE for that little guy! Seriously...i almost couldn't read this! And then the babe has to go home with him. So sad. Just think what that little guys life will be & how he will turn out.. Same thing...telling his one year old...Bad baby..Oh having Rocco at 11 month right now I can't imagine telling him he is bad. ( i would never tell ANY of my kids they are bad, but my baby! Oh no!!!

  15. You should send this to Parenting Magazine, Or your local Newspaper, Maybe,, He will see it, or someone else like that. I see it all the time, Makes me crazy
    Love your blog


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