Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two make overs...a cow and a tree

You all know that Raquel has a cute little heifer by the name of Rogue...well, she's still cute but weighting in at 1,085lb is beyond little. Being that she is mostly black, her fur has a tendency to turn reddish and this was not acceptable according to my daughter. So after asking around if dying livestock is doable and frown upon, the consensuses is, yes is very much doable and no, people, especially ones who compete with they're animal do it all the time, you just can't do it while in the competition, you have to do it a few days before. So, Raquel decided to give her a dye test to see, A, if it would work and B, for how long. Yes it worked beautifully and it only lasted about 2 and a half weeks.

The beautification of a heifer...

She's moo tiful

Time to mosey on back home with my new look

Alright, time for my "I'm too lazy to put away and decorate every occasion" tree.

I put huge purple and pink Gerber daisies and smaller white daisies on it.

I tied a purple floral ribbon around the base and put some
purple accents around.

I think when summer comes around I just might add a bug or two. Maybe some dragon flys, lady bugs and bees..who knows? Everyone have a great springy day~


  1. Rogue is a far cry from a teeny little kitten running around. :) Never knew folks actually dyed their heifers before showing them. I have a friend who was in 4H and showed cows when she was growing up. I wonder if they were doing that kinda stuff back then. Your all season tree is great! Just the perfect size to makeover for any holiday, any day of the week. Best wishes to you for a thankful, thoughtful Thursday! :) Tammy

  2. Oh that heifer is soooo darling. I love farm animals of all sorts and Bunny, that little tree you have can hold whatever decoration for whatever season! I think the bugs are a great idea!!!! Anita

  3. Rogue is all prettied up and looks stunning!

    What a good idea, I love your spring-y tree.

  4. Who'd have thought it eh!! Dyeing livestock!!!!

  5. Boy am I an innocent city slicker...who knew that all those purty heifers i saw at fairs and such were probably dyed-to-match? My pastoral illusions are destroyed forever now... ;o)

  6. so pretty! the cow AND the tree!

  7. Aw I love Rogue's new look!

    And your tree is fab - it actually looks completely summery and appropriate with those lovely flowers, which is a great feat with a Christmas tree! x

  8. Love Rogue's new look!
    And you tree is fab - it looks so pretty and summery! x

  9. If your gonna dye a cow you really should make her purple! Hahahaha

  10. Two pretty ladies, one eensy one and one not so eensy one! Love your multiseasonal tree...made me smile. ~ Angela

  11. What a fun post!

    Thank you so much for entering my book giveaway, good luck!

    All the best,

  12. I am how old and never heard of this in my whole long life....hahahahaha
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes...can't believe another birthday.
    Yes I am writing you in the middle of the night cause the pain would not stop so I had to get up and move around for a minute. Boy Bunny I have done a number on this ole body.
    Just waiting for them to clear the MRI with workers comp...stupid right.
    Love your tree...I think you are smart for using it the way you do...
    Now about the dye many bottles did it take...and why not pink

  13. Ah, I love cows...and that tree. I'd leave it up forever...very pretty.

  14. I'm totally digging the tree. I should ask my wife if we can do something like that in our house.

    Sometimes I wish I owned cows too.

  15. Who knew you could dye a cow? That is too funny!!


  16. I love it! Rogue is adorable! I have to say I have never heard of dyeing a cows hair. I think it's great...why not!?!
    Your tree is too cute as well!

  17. I just love your tree!! I keep up one in the Living Room and decorate it for every holiday! It will soon be transformed into a Patriotic tree!


  18. THat is so funny about the cow! My sister-in -law has my kids show cows every year but I never even knew about this little secret! Raquel better win or else I might need to give those judges a little phone call :) Just let me know Bunny...I'd be happy too :)


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