Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Temptation, Rejuvenation, Incorporating and Smelling Good

I really didn't mean too. My plan was to mind my own business and go about my merry way...but the temptation was too strong. I see a sign that says "Estate Sale" and my car automatically goes into "E"...and magically takes me there. I can go for months and not hit one and then...WHAM! I can't stop and I just can't pass it up.

My latest finds ~ A huge baskets that I keep my currant and future project odds and ends in~

A black wrought Iron plant stand that I haven't decided to keep black or paint and a white plaster angel sconce...perfect for my garden~

A couple of white hanging planters...I already have the chain~

...and the best for last....some old tile. Big squares, little squares in burnt umber and blue floral very creative blogger friend Missy, gave me the idea for those trays I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Now I have to figure out how to attach tile to wood. All this my friends.. 3 stinkin' dollars.

I try to keep myself busy and for whatever reason, lately I've been a whirlwind of creative craftyness. Some of which I've had for a while and just couldn't get to...until now~

I've had this stenciled window pane on my front porch and it was looking a little faded, so I touched it up a bit. I love morning glories ~

Eric had cut these large flowers for me years ago (how embarrassing) and I came upon them just recently in my craft storage...plain, just waiting to be painted. I painted them with whatever bright colors I had and placed them on a shelf also on my front porch~

This little cart has been sitting in my back yard for roughly 16 years. Brenda gave it to me and originally it just had a piece of wood holding plants and because of my neglect (how embarrassing again)...everything had rotted. I bit the bullet and threw everything away...cleaned it up a bit and painted it white. Eric cut a piece of plywood to fit, I covered it with a little delicate blue floral contact paper, slapped a $1 placemat on it along with a plant and she's brand new again~

Also in my craft storage was this paint by numbers pic that Raquel had painted a few years back. I liked it so much I saved it. My den is kinda Southwestern/Mexican vintage, so I bought a $1 wood framed mirror, took the mirror out, painted the frame Turquoise and put the cowboy in...Raquel was thrilled...."finally! Mom"

My very good friend Marsha's daughter Candice is getting married in a couple of weeks. I made a shadow box using her invitation. I just added a few little pink flowers. This frame was bought at a yard sale and I painted it in a distress greenish color. Why are shadow boxes so expensive?

Just a couple of little items that I purchased at previous yard sales. Remember this little picture of a flower within another frame? I'm loving this little medallion attached to it.

...And this iridescent red vase goes very well in my monochromatic living room...I love splashes of red

...and making little Sachets from my smells sooo good

There is more but this post is long enough. Think I'll save it for future posts. So yes, I've been busy and loving every minute of it. Everyone have a wonderful day...and keep busy!

I'm Just Sayin'


  1. Well I am just sayin' . . . that I love your post :-)) Sounds like your TO DO craft basket is filled and overflowing! Have fun creating!!

  2. are having such a fun time, don't you just love spring and summer...keep going girl..

  3. Okay, I can see how your car could be drawn to an estate sale...there's nothing wrong with that....and look at the great finds!!!!!

  4. Excellent finds...and so industrious-are you tryin' to make me jealous of all your energy...well, I am...

  5. Well, hmphhh, when my car goes to E i just pull into a gas station, lol.

    We don't see estate sales much around here; maybe a few estate auctions but they're usually for the big stuff like overpriced furniture. A few garage sales usually on the wknds, never on a wk day.

    Love your current haul and what you've done with things, esp love your tea cart.

    Now, i'm going to try and make music on my blog by going to your link, thanks for the great music, listening to Michael Buble right now so i can't leave quite yet.....

  6. What fantastic finds!! You have some fabulous things!!

  7. Wow Bunny! You are right. We could be knee deep together in a crafting frenzy! Ha! Love every single thing that you've done. I love those cheerful painted flowers on your porch. Fabulous little makeovers and updates. Doesn't it feel good to get projects out of the way that have just been sitting forever? I keep saying I won't move onto the next thing until I finish the first thing (wishful thinking). Have a fantastic day! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Oh Bunny, what fun. We too, had a blast last weekend at our Bryn Mawr sale and I got some of the sweetest, most gorgeous vintage pieces. I will photograph them for another post. BRAVO!!! Anita

  9. I love everything. That vignette with the bird houses and flowers is so beautiful. I too adore morning glories, the window turned out so beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake for the new bride. I can smell that lavender from here..or is it my favorite lavender pine sol I use around the house,lol.That horse print with the turquoise frame sure looks great!What a great idea with that cart.And for that angel scone,,oh my goodness girl..loving that too....No one in their right mind would pass up an estate sale. Thank God you have a good mind! lol

  10. I'll be interested to see what you do with the tiles. You got some good stuff this trip!

  11. wow! you got some great finds! dont you just love when your car pulls you to

  12. Hi Bunny!
    What fun finds!
    Can't wait to see what you do with those great tiles!


  13. Excellent finds!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  14. It's all the cars fault & your stikin to it! RIGHT? Sounds reasonable to me girl. Good finds. Have fun with them. Thanks for the sweet comments about my trip to Savannah. MAGICAL is all I can say! HUGS! Charlene

  15. You are so creative you put me to shame! I think of things but they always turn out like crap. Yours are great.

  16. You ARE feeling crafty! Wow! I can't believe all the projects you have been finishing up! Can I borrow you to get a few things done around here :) ? Looks good Bunny!!!

  17. Hi again, Bunny...

    Thank you so much for your unbelievably kind comments on my last post, they truly did touch my heart.

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!


  18. Wow you have been busy! Sounds like me. The tiles will be great on your trays. You can either just glue them down or glue them down and grout them like a mosaic.
    Have fun and by the way I'm trying to find a new place closer to my house to make photo prints. One of the many things on my to do list this week.

  19. Wow! You really know how to find the treasures!

    Please pop on over to also 'find some treasure' in the form of entering a little contest that I am having to help celebrate my 30th,'Tuesday Tea For two' blog party!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee

  20. You have been busy!! I have seen pictures painted on old windows, but never have I seen what you have! I love the morning glories on that window!!

  21. Beautiful shadowbox you've created! And I love the morning glories! ~ Angela


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