Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to my Tea

Come on in and make yourself comfortable ~

either in the kitchen while we enjoy the sunshine streaming in from the windows

or the comfy couch in the living room

let's add a bit of whimsy with this red polka dot Tea Set

Tea or really doesn't matter as long as we enjoy it and ourselves

...and how do you take it?



A little nosh? What's a soothing warm beverage
without a little something sweet. How about a nice
array of "Pan Dulce" to curb your sweet tooth? Go
ahead...try one!

Nothing like a little sweetness, some good company and some motherly advise...

and that Tea cup of your dreams

let's do this again....real soon. I'm just sayin'


  1. polka dot teaset looks so much fun and whimsy! love it!

  2. Oh Bunny this YOUR HOUSE? If so, WOW. If not, WOW anyway! What a "dreamy" tea party dearest! Thank you for the I will go get my cup of PG Tips and get this baby of a day off the ground!

    BISOUS, Anita

  3. I'll be right over! LOL!

    Love love love the red! It's my favorite color. What warm and inviting pictures! Looks like my dream house!

  4. I adore the red tea set!! I have the same tea pot in my Kitchen!!

    So many pretty things...


  5. What a sweet whimsical tea set and to have canisters as well. - How lucky can a girl get.
    Thank you for sharing your home and your tea, but I must run.

  6. Bunny, you are too cute! Love what you did with your home. The tea cups are just so you. I have not had "Pan Dulce" in a long time. Thanks for sharing! In case no one has told you today, your the best! Lots of love, Martha

  7. AnonymousMay 18, 2010

    what a pretty post! gorgeous photos...and although red isn't usually my favourite colours...I think I'm now a huge fan!

    that tea set and canisters .... how cute are they!!!! wowo!!! thanks for sharing!
    have a great day!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. Red and white is always so cheery! What a well coordinated home! Your polka dot tea set is so very pretty!

  9. I was here this morning and read this post and thought, I sure would love having tea at her place. by the way..I adore Where is The Love? I just love Black Eyed Peas..So I will sit here and listen since I just finished my tea and cookies! I think I need to add this song to my play list.

  10. Thank you for your visit,your cups seem spanish!...I'll see you next week

  11. Hi Bunny!
    I love your cheerful polkadot tea set! It is so retro happy!!
    Please invite me to the party and I'll have mine with extra cream and an "L" sugar lump :-)
    Thank you for the big smile today!!
    See you next tuesday!

  12. The polka dots made me smile. Think i'll take mine with a bit of scotch! This has been a few tough days. Thanks for cheering me up a bit.

  13. Hi Bunny! Thanks for the streaming sunshine and coffee today. We have nothing but dust over here. Bah humbug! Loving the photos you posted! So you ran out of tea stuff and had to come up with something fun and interesting! Great job. Have a fabulous day. Best wishes, Tammy

  14. How fun!! I always smile when I see polka dots. and red is so happy. Did you make the sugar cubes?
    Darling post.
    Blessings, Pam

  15. After this post I Just am sayin that I am a follower of your blog. I loved these pics--so homey and inviting. Thanks for sharing them!

    nannykim at

  16. Bunny, you must have put a lot of time and thought into this post. It is just perfect. Love the sugar cubes and everything else! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment. I need to step up my game from what I have seen on all the lady's posts! Connie

  17. Bunny-you make it look so cosy- and if this is your place, I may not wait for a real invitation...

  18. This is different from the ordinaries. All I see is floral teacup sets and yours is so unique. Love the polka dots theme and its goes lovely with your home. Thank for stopping by my blog. Nancy

  19. Oh, I love this post - I really enjoy all things with polka dots. And, the cookies look so good. Thanks for your visit. Happy Tea Cup Tuesday to you !!!

  20. Oooh! Don't mind if I do. Really cheery, delightful post! Thanks, Bunny. ~ Angela

  21. Oh, I very much like the polka dot tea set! Red is a color i use liberally in my home too.Thank-you for inviting me to tea~

  22. I'm diggin' on the red and white and the music...oh, wha, wha, wha!!!! Dancing now. I'll have something in that tea, pleaaaaaasssee.

  23. Love the red and white thing going on here!!!! Tea, with milk and no sugar please!!!

  24. Oh what gorgeous atmospheric pictures - that's it, I'm coming over! Save me the sunny spot at the kitchen table please :)

    That dotty tea set is DIVINE - it made me hyperventilate! x

  25. Oh my you have been busy! I adore your home. wow! The touch of red is so perfect against the white. Oh but the sofa is against a beautiful tuscan yellow. And that polka dot red is to die for. I'm ready for tea now.
    And btw love your new blog look too.

  26. Thanks for the comfy warm fuzzies!


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