Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it Just Me ...

that puts away the knifes at night, as if the bad guys wouldn't find them?

that puts the timer on in the kitchen...and then walks away to another room?

who doesn't want to hear EVERY detail of my 16 years old life?

who scans the "Realtor" sections of the paper knowing full well I'm not moving?

or is it weird that I like to sleep alone?

or do other people put items in their cart to buy and then put them away at the last minute?

or am I the last person on the planet who still uses wax paper?

or does the "Burger King" king scare you too?

or do you think that Serena Williams looks like a man in tennis drag too?

that while sitting on the loo, I clean the floor...where ever I can reach AND while taking a shower, clean the tile?

or do other people pick out the longest lines just to people watch?

or am I the only 54 year old still having a period?

that I'm burnt out on going out to dinner, but also burnt out on cooking?

that I'm a chronic radio station turner?

I'm just askin'


  1. No. It's not just you-except for the period (smile).

  2. Okay....I so clean the bathroom while on the potty, also guilty of putting things back at the last minute at the store and yes the Burger King guy scares the hell out of me!

  3. How funny, that burger king guy just freaks me out, I agree about Serena Williams, I wish I did take things out of my cart at the last minute as I would save money, I still use wax paper, and I clean anytime I'm in the bathroom and even take a shower in the guest bath once a week just to clean it. Eeeeek. You might just be a crazy as I am.

  4. Sleep alone? Is there any other way?
    I don't think so.

  5. Ya shouldn't feel alone. I do alot of those as well.

  6. One thing is for certain, Bunny. You are one of a perfect kind! I find that I agree with you on some of these "Bunnyisms"! ~ Angela

  7. don't feel alone...great, funny post!

  8. this post made me laugh, especially like the Venus comment. thanks. :)

    I would love it if someone brought me dinner. I don't know that I would rather sleep alone, but I sleep better when alone. No one over there breathing heavy or snoring... and stinkin up the room... hah!

  9. Ha! Hi Bunny, Okay, I thought I was the only one who cleaned the floor when I was using the bathroom. Sometimes I do things and think, that's weird -- and then I think of all the people in the world and realize there HAS to be someone out there who does the same thing. And yes, that King of Burgers is quite scary if you ask me. Hope you are having a great day :) Tammy

  10. I am with you on all the above sistah.

  11. I was your empathitic twin til 54 and still poor thing!
    Almost everything else- but I would add...
    Am I the only person who can spend an hour looking for her glasses/sunglasses and then discover them on her head?

  12. We've all got our idiosyncrasies. I too love to see what houses are for sale and I always "purge" my shopping cart at the last minute. What a fun blog you have. I signed up to follow. Stop by my place for a visit and I promise I won't purge you!

  13. LMAO! The Burger King scares me too!!!! LOL! And yes, Serena does look like a tranny, and I may not be 54, but I'm 53 and still get a period ... EVERY MONTH LIKE CLOCKWORK! ugh!


  14. Well I agree with most of these....not all. I hate burger king, commercials and the food. lol! I have not had a period in 6 months so think I'm just about done. Yea! I'm always cleaning so agree with you there.


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