Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The New V.P

Most of you know that my daughter Raquel is in the FFA. For those of you who don't know what that is, it means Future Farmers of America. Now, back in the day and when I say the day, I mean waaay back, this group was actually for farmers across America. It helped them to network and learn more about farming along with the latest techniques in growing food and raising market animals.

Now, it's much more involved and evolved. They still network and learn the lasted technical advances in raising crops and market animal but the FFA now has ventured into environmental sciences, vet sciences, Ag. bio, research, and the latest issues of our world like global warming and yes, cloning. They give out badges and pins and college scholarships. There are meetings and conventions very local and very far away in other states that include the best of the best. All this while learning and raising either an animal to show at auction at State Fair or a full out garden. But most importantly, it helps kids to work together as a team and to eventually become a leader in whatever they choose in life. Think of this group like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts...same intentions.

This is my daughters 3rd year and each year she gets more and more involved. Seems like she spends more time down at the farm than she does at home..which is OK because she has come out of her shell. Raquel used to be very passive (not from me) and introverted and little by little with the love of horses and her riding and the FFA she has blossomed into a very confident and assertive young much so that...

She is now the Vice President of our Chapter of the FFA

Snazzy uniform huh? Yeah, I know she looks twelve, but she's almost seventeen. We're so proud of her and all her accomplishments. All this with a GPA of 4.1 (not from me either) and the judgment of an adult. Congrats to my baby...the VP.


  1. Congratulations!
    What a beauty!

  2. She's gorgeous!! I can see why you are proud of her!! Congratulations!!!

  3. congrats on that! I had a relative that was involved with this. He went on to become a vet!

  4. Oh wow, you have to be the proudest Mom! And what a beauty she is too!! It's wonderful there are organizations like these for our young ones to get involved in.

    So just stopping by for a quick visit since it's been AGES since I had the time to, hardly time to even breath anymore. ;-)
    I hope you're doing great and feeling as fabulous as you look.
    Hugs from PA♥

  5. Congrats Mom!! I know you are proud. We bought all our garden plants from a local high school FFA and they are gorgeous. Great organization.

    Hopefully this leads to open doors and opportunities.

  6. Ah, she looks so happy. You must be so proud.

  7. Bunny, you have raised a beautiful, fabulous baby girl! Congrats Raquel! Keep up the great work! ~ Angela p.s. - Bunny, I adore your circus theme....feels just like home.

  8. Congratulations to Raquel! I can tell just how very proud you are of her, and rightfully so.
    Corn! What a great thing to plant; now i'm proud of her too!
    She's a real beauty; sounds like inside and out as well.
    Your cats are also Cleos eye-lined eyes;her name is perfect and Ginger is too.

  9. Aw she is just so her mom.
    I know you are so proud of her and you should be.
    She will do a outstanding job for a great organization.
    Girl you changed your site again..I can not keep up with you...hahaha
    All I want to do is add some kid of buttons or tags or whatever their called underneath my headboard for my different pages and I can not find them...tell me where to look

  10. Oh Bunny, she is just gorgeous! SHe looks just like her momma, with that ear to ear smile. And she is smart and well-trained to must be beaming with pride!!!! Anita

  11. Congrats to Raquel on her VP Position. It's so wonderful that she is involved in such a positive organization that's teaching her great skills for the future. She is a beauty, just like her momma. I see you changed up your blog AGAIN. Looks great as always. Have a great day. :) Tammy

  12. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    She is so pretty. Congratulations! I know you must be so proud of her. Hugs

  13. Bunny, that girl is too adorable!


  14. Oh Bunny, how proud you must be of your little girl. Great job! Blessings, Martha

  15. What an impressive girl! She's stunning, smart and you must be bursting with pride! Outstanding!

  16. Oh this is so great! Congrats to your daughter. What a wonderful accomplishment! I know you are proud and you should be. I wish her all the luck. It's great she found her nitch so young. I'm sure she will be successful in whatever she does.


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