Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geography 101

Diva Mom over at Act II had this on her blog the other day and I thought it was the funniest thing. Which one are you?

Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa .
Half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful!

Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe .
Well-developed and open to trade, especially for someone of real value.

Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain .
Very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece .
Gently aging but still a warm and desirable place to visit.

Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain .
With a glorious and all conquering past.

Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel .
Has been through war, doesn't make the same mistakes twice, takes care of business.

Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada .
Self-preserving, but open to meeting new people.

After 70, she becomes Tibet .
Wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge.


Between 1 and 80, a man is like Iran .
Ruled by nuts.


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    I read this with hesitation not really thinking I wanted to know which I am but I am glad now that I read it. I like being Tibet. I laughed so hard when I got to the end...was not expecting that. Too funny! Hugs

  2. Ha! That was a good read, and then funny. I'm proud to be a Canadian even though she has the weakest id. I hope to become Tibet.

  3. All of this is so true! I enjoyed it! I am Israel right now, but looking forward to Tibet someday. Doesn't sound too bad...Watch out for Iran!

  4. The story leaves out that somewhere between those ages some of them go all out WACKO.

  5. I am in my Great Britain phase so I will just sit and drink my tea, eat my scones and not worry about the calories :)

    I'mmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaack!!


  6. Bunny: All I can say is Amen Sister! I don't look like I am an Israel woman, I know I have two of them in me! Love ya! Martha

  7. Ha! Just what I need to start my day. :) A good chuckle! Best wishes to you and yours Bunny, Tammy

  8. too.darn.funny! and true!

  9. I didn't expect that ending! LOVED IT! So true! :) But all of it was! I love thinking of age like that! I am so Spainy :)

  10. Haha, seen that before, it's brilliant.

    Hugs RosieP x

  11. TEEHEEEEEE!!!! This was brilliant. And really, how true is that ending! The more I teach, live and am married, the more true that is!!!!Oh Bunny, you are a hoot, and I can't wait to see you on the 26th! Ruben is super excited to see everyone. And I do agree with you on BLUE....when we first moved into this house, the kitchen was a swimming pool blue that just made me edgy...I like light splashes, and I mean LIGHT splashs of only blue or pink and green. Anything else for me is too much! THank yu for coming and HAVE A FAB WEEKEND! Anita

    OH! I will bring you the buttons I promised you!!!

  12. Ah that's funny!! I was reading along feeling philosophical and nodding wisely - I wasn't expecting that bit at the end at all :D

    PS I'm actually quite looking forward to reaching Tibet now too, after reading that!

  13. How true. Love it. I've never seen this before.

  14. Funny Bunny! I have a probing question for you...are you a fan of mixed nuts, salted or sweet nuts? Fun post. And thank you for your sweet comment, I consider it a real honor that you and V.P. Raquel liked the cowgirl pics! Have a great week! ~ Angela

  15. Ohhhhh wouldn't it be great to be all of those things at once? For all of our life..
    Sassy, happy, generous, loving, caring, bright, healthy, independent and constantly searching for knowledge.

    Great blog! Fantastic background!

  16. I still crack up when I read that!

  17. Well I'm in the Israel phase...not sure it's me. Wish I were still Greece..
    Great read especially about men.

  18. Am I sexist if I agree with all of the above?!



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