Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's goin' on

I've been busy these last few couple of weeks with various tasks ....

Bought this hanging frame with crystal door nobs at a yard sale for $2. It was black and would have gone perfectly in my kitchen but I didn't have the wall space...hmmm, what to do

I left the back of it black because I didn't have enough paint for the whole thing and then I took out the thick vintage postal stamps pics.....and then painted it mellow yellow

Inserted some pretty green and yellow stock card of different designs and hung it in my patio and as long as Eric doesn't see all the holes I made trying to hang this...I'll be OK.

I had this gold resin shelf in my master bath for a while and been meaning to do something with it. I forgot to take a picture of it but anyways, I painted it white and connected it to my white wrought iron trellis in my dinning room. I used wire to keep it steady and only put someone light items on it. I can take it down whenever I want..

My daughter Meredith's birthday is coming up and so I kidnapped some squirrels for the day and had a secret photo shoot. I am making a photo collage for her and let me tell ya...It's hard herding squirrels and having them pose, keep all eyes open and stop talking all at the same time..

brotherly love

The infamous corn is now 3 feet tall.

and I broke down and planted tomatoes...just one plant...in a pot. We're gonna have a busy summer this year so I didn't want too much maintenance.

I've made arraignments to go outta town to visit some colleges...Yeah...I'm still in denial

here on the central California Coast

and here farther away and here even further....YIKES!!

And the most important news in our household...yep! Raquel has her license

I want my life back, I want my little girl back, I want my car back

OH YEAH!...I got my summer reading assignment...I am to read Pride and Prejudice and Antigone...but I think I'll sit this one out...and read something that doesn't require a lot of brain cells...I'm on reserve at this point...I'm just sayin'


  1. I love how the frame turned out! But I love "I want my car back" even more! lol!


  2. ooooo, love that thingy with the glass knobs--I like the color you painted it and the pictures you placed in it.

    It is scary when the kids start driving!

  3. I think that glass window- door knob hanger looks brilliant-so much better..yo have a great eye, missy!
    Don't worry, you can do what my parents did to me when I got my license-send her on all your errands, shopping for groceries, picking up and dropping off the others..after all, she needs the experience! :^)

  4. Bunny, love the sweet photos of the "squirrel" brothers. And your frame redo is really very pretty! Raquel's driving now ~ that's fun unless you need the car! ~ Angela

  5. I LOVE those wee squirrels! They are so darling!

    OMG...Raquel has her license? *sigh* You won't be seeing your car much!!

    They grow up too fast, don't they?


  6. You are so clever! I love the frame with the glass knobs.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Lucky you to be going to the Laguna Beach Arts Festival. It's the mother of all art festivals! I used to live in Dana Point and San Clemente, and I went every year. I miss it!

    Sounds like your summer is going to be busy. Take time to relax!

  7. Oh I remember those days when the boys first got their license. THAT is one thing I could not do. DRIVE (ride) with THEM! I figured after all the poopy diapers, meals, nursing, school stuff, dirty laundry... the least he could do was to teach them to drive. Good luck with that summer reading. I'm with you. EASY. Loved the squirrel patrol. I have a little of that action myself tonight. Have a good one! Charlene

  8. My Mom and I just met each other in CO. We drove by University of CO. It is BEAUTIFUL there!

  9. I love that frame. Such a simple but effective idea. I've got more things to hang around our place and there ain't much wall space left as it is. :) Where there's a will, there's a way. We have concret walls but have these handy, dandy hooks that work perfectly. I use them for everything! I know how it is getting boys of any age to stop and pose for pictures. It's a job for sure. Your collage will be fabulous! A great gift. Best of luck to you with the search and the new driver. :) Happy Hump Day! Tammy

  10. One mater plant?? We have 19. I cant wait to start slicing.

    We have our graduates college picked. Now we are deciding on which organ to donate to help pay for it.

  11. Wow! Rachel is driving. I almost had a nervous breakdown when Kyle was learning to drive. Your projects are beautiful. You do go work, woman! Hugs, Martha

  12. How creative you are. Little girls...I want mine back to but she's having her 40th in July. I love the summer music.
    Happy Wednesday.

  13. My daughter crashed my car the day she got her learners permit!!!! Zanax anyone????? Hahahaha good luck! I so love the window make over....fabulous!!!

  14. Love the framing. Brotherly love got me all misty and stuff. There is nothing better in the summer than fresh corn and.........i'll be praying for you as you will never get your life, car, or little girl back!

  15. Love your frame with crystal nobs; you are so clever and creative. Corn looks great and the tomato plant looks strong and sturdy already!
    I had to sort of coax my daughters to get behind the wheel, but then they got interested enough to take driving lessons and they've been just a fly'in ever since.

  16. The frame turned out so sweet. I love it.
    I know how you feel. They grow up so fast. I want my little ones back too. Oh well.
    Herding squirrels lol!

  17. Bunny honey I have missed you. Girl you find the greatest bargains...why oh why don't I live near you.
    Love what you did to it too. This was going to be my summer of being creative since I have all of you gals to help me and now the most creative thing so far is counting slats in the ceiling. lol
    Can't believe you have a new license driver in your household. You are in my prayers cause girl I needed lots of them with my three. lol
    Road to recovery is way to slow for me...but I guess I am getting there.
    You are probably just the one I need to ask. Since u always change your blogs so pretty. I want some cute buttons to match my headboard that I can put my different pages in like email me and blogaguest. and so on. I have looked and looked and can't figure out how to do it. Any websites I could go to that could help me

  18. Lovely frames!! So pretty!! Your corn is amazing!!!

  19. No wonder I don't hear from you lately...you are making me a great B-Day present (yellow window with Birdie paper) THANKS BUN!

  20. Bun, I have never known you NOT to be up to something. It all looks great!

  21. Girl, I'm amazed..two dollars..oh my goodness. It is gorgeous. I went to a yard sale last week and they were selling just the four door nobs for two dollars. I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. Loved the pic of your daughter behind her car,,hmmm,sorry,your car, LOL..I'm off now to check out all the places your going to visit..my goodness, you WILL have a busy summer. By the time you get back those tomatoes will be HUGE!!!

  22. Hey Bunny, just dropping in to see how you are doing since you've been MIA for the past week. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy


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