Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Stands for San Luis Obispo, which is where we were this past weekend. Taking a very well guided tour of the college there. It is the 2nd biggest campus (acres) in California...Berkeley being the 1st.
One of the top 10 ag schools in the country and the 2nd college we have toured to date...we have 2 more to go. The difference between southern cali from the middle of cali as far as looks go...is astounding. Coming over the LA valley into Camarillo is an eye opener...look at all the agriculture.
We spotted and smelled strawberries, onions, olive trees, almond trees, corn and tons and tons of grape vines...

Next thing we know...we're driving, with the coast on one side

and acres and acres of fields on the other

We stayed in Pismo beach were it was very cold and overcast. Last time Eric and I stayed there it was so windy we were practically etched by all the blowing sand

Raquel was excited to finally check out the school

they offer everything she's interested in...you know....large animals, baby animals, plants,manure, dirt...ect

We visited downtown SLO and took in some of the ambiance, but keeping in mind...it is a college town and everything it seemed, was run by students. We had a very good Italian dinner and walked around a bit. This bridge and walkway was next to our Restaurant...along with a creek...you don't find that in LA...unless Stephen Spielberg put it there...lol

Needless to say, we were all impressed, the guide was very informative and entertaining and answered all our questions and now...it's all up to Raquel...but I still don't wanna talk about it
I'm just sayin'!


  1. Hi Bunny! Your sweet Raquel looks very happy and right at home amongst the SLO surrounds! That's gotta make you even a bit happy. Love the scenes from California. Would love to be anywhere that has a chill in the air right now. Thanks for stopping by my stomping grounds...nice to see ya! ~ Angela

  2. Poor Bunny! a little "empty warren" syndrome hitting you?
    I love SLO..and they have one of the best bead stores, hands down, that I've seen anywhere, and I've seen some bead stores..
    It's really a beautiful place...

  3. While it is every parents wish, to have a child further their education, marry, be independent, it's darn hard to have them grow up, leave the nest and not depend on us in the same way, as when they are young. And they grown up so fast!

  4. I live on the Central Coast of California. SLO, as college town go, is not bad. Good luck with the college thing. It's awfully trying.

  5. I just typed out a big, long response to the adorable comment you left me, hit send and... duh... it was a no reply comment. Girl, you need to enable your comment responses to email. Some things just can't be responded to on the post, without causing embarrassment that isn't meant to be shared.

  6. OMG Raquel looks more and more like you every day! She's beautiful!


  7. Cool! Good luck in searching for a University.
    sounds like fun!

  8. How absolutely wonderful. Looks like a fabulous place! To be surrounded by all that each and every day and to learn in the process. Can't ask for much more!

    We are heading out of Chicago today to my aunt's in Michigan. Hope to post from there. Best wishes for the rest of your week. Tammy

  9. Aw Bunny your daughter is just as lovely as you! Is she as clever and funny as you too.
    Miss coming by here. I will catch up one of these days.
    I see your on facebook you need to teach me how to use the crazy thing. I am on it because Christi put me there but don't know a thing about it.
    Your sidebars crack me up
    I even see me in one

  10. BUNNY!!! We are finally home after having such a great time with all of you!! Ruben was so happy to finally meet you, I was thrilled to see my beloved family and YOU and DEBBIE...what a riot. Email me dear and I want your permission to post some really nice photos of us...


    I will in turn send you the photos and if you do not want me to post, I won't. Let me know. Anita

  11. Wow, that looks like a fantastic place to be.

    Hugs RosieP x

  12. Hi Bunny: You are going to be "empty nest" soon. I am so sorry. It was hard for me. My son is still home, but he is in college so I am alone a lot. It takes some getting use to. I will pray when the time comes that the Lord will give you grace. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings dear friend. P.S. I thought of you when I picked that song! Hugs, Martha

  13. Great photos, looks like a lovely place.

    And what a pretty daughter you have!

    I know you'll miss her - though you could always do what I'm planning to do with my son, and shackle her to the sofa ;)


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