Sunday, June 27, 2010

some of this and more of that

Been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Schools out forever...well, for me, but not for Raquel. One more year and it's on to a nervous break down...but let's not talk about that....

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye...whatever that means...

Went to a car show and this 1955 Victoria stood by a 1955 Victoria...both in good condition!

Yard sale goodie for 1 dollar. A silver plated ice bucket. Nice and tarnished...just how I like it.

Went to a bridal shower for my good friends daughter who is marrying a Scottish lassie,
C`est La Vie

and watched as Raquel showed her Hefer and Lamb at at livestock show..This girl is way to focused. Check out that stance!

...and I will be outta town for a couple of days...This is where I'll be...relaxing and taking a tour of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus. I shall return


  1. Cal Poly, huh? That's gotta cost a fortune! You might want to plant more corn.

  2. Busy lady!!! How did she do in the show?

  3. Both Victoria's looking good!

  4. Your daughter is just beautiful..SCHOOL'S OUT!!! Today was Shaneah's last day..yahooooooo....Please say a little pray for Asher. He was unable to attend his graduation ceremony (long story). He is graduating but the circumstances that have transpired these last few weeks has made it to come to this..SIGH...


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