Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A book by it's Cover

You might remember that I was trying to read whatever Raquel was reading in her junior year last year and I did pretty good, but this year is a different story, pun totally intended.
Seems she's read a couple of book that the library had on hand and when the assignment was over, she had to give them back. Although I will wait for the next classic, I have acquired a few books of my own.

I just finished " Life" written by Keith Richards and yes surprise surprise he's still alive to tell his story. Although I am a Rolling Stone fan, having seen them once in concert and own a couple of CDs, I am more interested in their life than their music...particularly Keith's life.
Ya know, the bad boy of rock and roll, the dangerous and mysterious one with either a ciggy hangin' from his guitar or mouth as he played lead with the notorious Stones.

First of all, I was under the assumption that he was too stoned to write a book so I was curious as to what he was gonna write....wrong! He's been clean for over 30 years...he just looks like death warmed over. And with me assuming that he's not in his right mind, I was wondering how he was going to remember anything...wrong again! He remembers everything, from his boyhood days to what clothes he wore on what day to song writing and everything in between. I was pleasantly surprised and a yes, a lot shocked at some of his antics and although I did expect some naughtiness, I'm am shocked to say the least, that this cat is still alive....btw, he's shocked too!

Some interesting facts....He's an only child, been married twice, the 2nd time over 30 years, had 5 children, 1 died of crib death, broken numerous bones and the most interesting fact to me....he and mick Jagger have written 99% of their music. Now why did I think that someone else wrote all those Classic Stone songs? Maybe because I assumed Keith Richards was either, too stoned or too drunk or just plain incompetent to write lyrics.....Boy was I wrong! He's pretty much a very intelligen guy. He taught himself how to play guitar at age 9 and started writing music in his early teens. He and Mick, when they're talking to each other, have co written almost every Stone song since day one. He's bright, witty and very articulate and a romantic as he also didn't sleep around so much as you would think....hmmmm, he likes to cuddle....lol

So I guess it's true when people say, "you can't judge a book by it's cover" We shall see, I am now reading "The Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. Yeah, I know, I went from the ridicules to the sublime...lol I'm just Sayin'


  1. Hee hee that is quite a change of pace betwen your last book and your new one Bunny (well, I'd hope it is...!)

    Keith's story was serialised in one of the papers in the UK a little while ago and I read bits. He did seem like quite an interesting person. From the bits I read though I'm not sure about him just liking a cuddle lol!

    PS Reflex is a little hard to do from here, sorry - don't think my arms are quite long enough! I could always send you some Reiki though - you can do that long-distance! x

  2. Ohhh cool! Well who knew? I've always like him and Jagger and thought they were both serious party boys. Writing great music i think takes a whole lot of talent so good on him!

  3. Never was much of a Stones fan although I did like some of their songs. It is amazing he is alive. I didnt know he has been clean for 30 yrs. Interesting jump in topics. LOL

  4. Very interesting. I love hearing about people who have turned their lives around. I have found that most of the time we can't judge a book by its cover. Hugs

  5. I was thinking about getting that book but then thought the same thing! Mhmmm, maybe I'll pick it up. Bun, I know you saw Gino Vannelli in concert and as I'm going through one of my jonesing for Gino periods where I listen to his music 24/7 and think about him all the time ... tell me, where did you see him in concert? How sexy was he? How close were you sitting? I want details. Seriously.



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