Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Big Man

Today is my #1 grandson's 9th Birthday. I wasn't there when he was born as I was at a funeral....ironic, I know...that's a whole other entry. But anyways, as our tradition goes, on each of my grandsons birthday day, I take them to any store and buy them anything (in moderation) that they want and in doing so, enjoying some one on one grandson Nana time. Over the years we've had some pretty good's was no exception...

Me.........So, how's 4th grade?

Him........pretty good!

Me...... Any girlfriends yet?

Him..... No...but that will come in time I guess.

Me...... Do you like any girl?

Him......No...but you know Nana, the girls that like me chase me and bother me. That means
they like me.

Me.....ya know, your right!

Him.....I just can't figure out women.

Me.......and you never will

Him......ahhhh man!


  1. Happy Birthday to him! With a face like that, it's easy to see why the girls chase and bother him.

  2. Cute boy, I have a cute 9 yr old girl. We should hook them up.

    Maybe its a bit early tho.

  3. As gorgeous as he is, his "girl troubles" are just beginning..

  4. too cute!!!

  5. Oh, my goodness he has no idea what his future holds with all those girls chasing after him. He is adorable! hugs

  6. Yes indeed -- grandson number one is a cutie! Happy 9th birthday to him. My Zack will be 13 in 10 days. Will have to take him out for a birthday lunch, a place of his choosing since we took Yusef out for sushi for his birthday earlier this month. Zack hates sushi. :/ Have a great day! Tammy

  7. Wow he is a cutie. If my nine year old Kaci was around him I bet she might be one of those girls that chase him too. lol
    Think of you often honey wondering how your doing.
    As always I love your new look.
    I am not brave enough to fool with mine...I just know I would loose everything on my sight. lol

  8. All that wisdom at nine years old... :) Well if Annie knew him she would be chasing & buggin' him too! :)

    It is so fun to get to know the different members of your family! Sweet bunch there Bunny!


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