Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Fought the Law and The Law Won

I can talk about it now. I have been sworn under oath to not open my big O' mouth and spread the word of the court room. Yes people, I have been serving Jury Duty and not without a fight I might add.
It all started a year ago when I received a jury summons in which I promptly checked off the "I need an extension" box on the back. I kept them at bay for one year, yup, I have skills, I thought....till I didn't receive a response from the last extension I had sent. So you can imagine my surprise when I was notified that I did NOT show up for court and that I had to call them...ASAP! Yikes! I had totally forgotten and went on with my life when the popo caught up with me. Well, I called and I was told that I had 9 days to show up for jury duty, no and's, if's or but's, and believe me, I tried. I was also told that if I didn't show up, I'd be fined $1,000. I guess I fought the law and the law won.

So I show up at the court house at the crack of dawn thirty and make my way to the appropriate lines and window, then watch the cheesy film on our Court System and listen to a speaker go on about what an honor it is to serve on a Jury...then wait, and wait and walk around, eat lunch and wait some more. Finally got called and was asked to report to Court room #24 on the 7th floor ..and about 40 of us, looking like deer in head lights, waited patiently in the court room wondering what the heck is gonna happen.....

Too much to write right now...stay tuned for part deux...I'm Just Sayin'


  1. You have my deepest sympathies. Good luck!

  2. I have never had to serve for jury duty, ever. When it came for the questions and each side found out I worked for a high profile attorney they decided they didn't want me! LOL

    Good luck Sweetie!


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  4. I have been called twice. I actually was kinda tickled about the idea that someone wanted my opinion(not a common thing at the house).

    First time I sat numbly all day in the big jury pool room without being called. There was no pool or pool table. What gives?

    Second trip I was actually selected(prolly for my casual dressing style)to be screened for a case of child abuse. Dude didnt have a chance. Seems every one on the jury was a preschool teacher or mom or dad so they finally just pleaded guilty(Cause he was) and they told us what a great service we had rendered. Sheesh, I had nothing else to do. I had plenty of time, I would have kicked his arse on overtime without them paying me my $9.

  5. Here in Canada, no extensions offered, you go and sit in a big room full of other suckers, wait to be sent to a courtroom, and the judge calls you, you make your excuses and he/she let's you go/says no..
    If you get rejected by any lawyer, you have to go back, a total of three (3!) times...
    Then you go back to the bottom of the list...*sigh*
    At the time, I was sorta hoping I'd get a trial, but no such luck...

  6. Co-incidence! I posted a blog entry re my jury experience just a few weeks ago, Oct.12 titled Learning by trial and error. I hope you'll read it as i found it to be a good experience, but then, i knew it would be and went into it knowing that.
    You'll be making memories that will last so hope all goes as well for you Bunny.

  7. I just ignored my notice, threw it away. Received another "notice" informing me that they KNOW I didn't respond to the first notice and to call the IMMEDIATELY or I'd be fined $1,500. UGH. I called and they're going to send me another one. I almost always get summoned to criminal court downtown. For joy.

    I feel ya ...

  8. Don't you have to be a registered voter to get called for jury duty? I can't remember. I've never been very political so never registered to vote. And now I've been gone forever and a day. I remember a friend of mine at the law firm in New Orleans being called and she had to go back several times and complained about how frustrating the whole process was. Good luck! Tammy


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