Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Say No

It took me approximately 30 years of growing up for me to tell people "no". No, I can't, no thank you, no, don't really want to. Family was the hardest to say no to, especially my mother as I so wanted to please my own expense. Didn't know it at the time, but she wasn't impressed, just self centered. It was also difficult to say "no" to the opposite sex because we as women, we all know that when you say "NO', it means time for negotiations and let the mind games begin. The world doesn't take no for an answer very well either. How could I be so selfish, so not a team player.

I thought I could do everything. Control liked and at the same time be nice and kind. I've seen that saying that states, " don't confuse my kindness for a weakness". That was I thought. Nurture this person, nurture that person, do this, do that, fix this, go here, can you please?, I knew you would come through...but I couldn't do it anymore. I came to the realization that I came first and that saying yes to everyone and everything just brought on resentment, guilt and frustration and worse....not taking care of myself.

Which is why I am teaching my college living daughter to "just say no".'s not to drugs, although that would be alright too. It's just say "no" to whomever and whatever that makes you uncomfortable, tired, off schedule and just plain crazy. Through our recent talks it seems that time has started to repeat itself. So, I tell her what no one bothered to tell me....It's OK to say NO! NO, I can't go to dinner, NO, I don't want a boyfriend, NO, I need to study and NO...I just don't want to....

I told her that if at anytime she didn't want my opinion, advice or 2 cents, that she is to tell me NO thanks.........I'm Just Sayin'

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Big Man

Today is my #1 grandson's 9th Birthday. I wasn't there when he was born as I was at a funeral....ironic, I know...that's a whole other entry. But anyways, as our tradition goes, on each of my grandsons birthday day, I take them to any store and buy them anything (in moderation) that they want and in doing so, enjoying some one on one grandson Nana time. Over the years we've had some pretty good's was no exception...

Me.........So, how's 4th grade?

Him........pretty good!

Me...... Any girlfriends yet?

Him..... No...but that will come in time I guess.

Me...... Do you like any girl?

Him......No...but you know Nana, the girls that like me chase me and bother me. That means
they like me.

Me.....ya know, your right!

Him.....I just can't figure out women.

Me.......and you never will

Him......ahhhh man!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vintage Wreath

Being that I have a little more spare time on my hands, I've been a little busy bee here in Santa's Work Shoppe. Among many other items, I've created a vintage wreath using very old pattern paper. If your interested, here's how I did it...If your not...look at the pretty pictures.

I started with vintage patterns

and cut them into decide the size

then you fold them using the fan technique and secure them with whatever you have...I used raffia because I couldn't find my twine

it makes one of those "Old Skool" wedding flowers....remember?

I attached a ribbon and proceeded to glue gun them to a Styrofoam wreath. It actually looked pretty good as is.....

but I took it a step further....I sprayed the tips turquoise

and added some glitter

and Voila'...
a Sparkly and Turquoise Vintage Wreath. Super easy to make.
I'm Just Sayin'