Friday, December 21, 2012

57 Times

Time marches on and this will be my 57th Christmas...Big shout out to the Mayans for getting it wrong!  Either life was easier when I was 10 years old, anticipating my little Sony transistor radio that I circled in the Sears "Magic" catalog or my mind is playing senior moment games in my head. 

I used to help make tamales, now I can't eat them.  I loved gazing upon Ribbon Christmas candy, now you can't find it. The ornaments that we hung are now Vintage and back in the day, no one heard of Gift Cards.

But 57 years later, I have an amazing husband, 2 kind and fun daughters, 3 squirrely grandsons that I love to pieces and family and friends that are the glue that keeps me together and happy.

                                                             (this is what I grew up with)

~I am wishing everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and many more memories in the making~