Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Blog Doesn't Fall Far....

Well, I'm a little surprised. Raquel was given an assignment in her Ag. Communications class and it was to create a blog. Out of my two daughters, I'd say that Meredith was more like me, but now I'm seeing a little more of me in the younger one. I asked her permission if I could put this on MY blog and she said "Go for It" I am.

If your interested in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animals, Nutrition or just plain nosy like I am most of the time OR....If you care about me and my well being and state of mind...go check it out....HERE

And if you really really want can follow her. She's kinda easy to know...I'm just sayin'


  1. Just like her Mamma!!! I am headed over now to say Hellooooooooooooooooo!

    Hope your fall is off to a good start!!


  2. Nice page. She takes after her mom in the design dept.

  3. Bunny, just checked out Raquel's blog. She's definitely her mama's daughter! She's off to a great start. With that sunny disposition and all around sociable attitude, she'll go a long way! I wonder if she'll vote me into her sorority, if she joins one. Gosh....the glee of youth.... Take care! ~ Angela

  4. Very cool that your daughter is taking after you...

    So fun!


  5. I love her blog name - so funny! She's obviously a chip off the old block :) x


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