Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunny's Purpose

When the last daughter flew the coop for College, I jokenly would tell people that NOW, I have no purpose. I really didn't believe it, it was all in fun kinda, I knew I had purpose and I knew there were many facets to being artys fartsy in a crafty way. I knew this as a child as I would rearrange and redecorate my room (constantly) from recycled and re purpose items...I just knew.

So last week I did pretty darn good at this cute little boutique and as Eric, my helper husband and I were setting up, people were coming outta the woodwork to hem and haw at my stuff. I, being the master of "doubting my ability" was too busy to stand there and take in the praise...I was just too focused on what I was doing, besides, people always say stuff like that don't they?

So, like I was saying, I did alright, learned a little more, took mental notes and decided I was gonna go with Etsy with what I had left...

Ya know... stuff happens when you make plans...The vender next to me loved my stuff so much that she invited me to an event at her house ,in Laguna Beach, to sell what I had left. No pressure, no commission on her part, no strings...she just wants people to see my items. No other venders will be there, just me and then she tells me,"some of my friends own stores in that area
and they too will be there, so, think about it and let me know".

So opportunity sometimes kicks your ass into the doorway and doesn't even knock...I talked with her yesterday and said, "sure, I'll be there" cool as a cucumber but really a hysterical mess inside, which btw, I do really well.

And then, the owner of the boutique I sold at, asked me to come back in the spring. So, needless to say, I am busy...very busy and grateful....very grateful and ordering business cards for........

Yup, you got it.....

Bunny's Purpose

re~cycled, re~furnished and re~purposed

unique gifts for home decor


  1. yea!!!!!

    Anne/Taji Dancer

  2. i'll tell you how i really feel ... this is fantastic! bun, i think you are incredibly creative - i AM NOT. i doesn't surprise me at all that you could sell your beautiful, creative, objects d'art. Do what you love and the money will follow .... i just wish that would happen for me LOL!!!! Congratulations and best of luck!

  3. I love it! Congratulations, now show off some of your stuff so I can oooooh and awwwwww!

  4. Hey girl, Congratulations.

    You cant had Talent.

  5. Congratulations, Bunny. Strut your stuff!

  6. Keep hopping, bunny, you know that what doesn't scare you a little isn't worth doing..

  7. Congrats Bunny! That's great news. Years ago I had an opportunity to create bags for a new aromatherapy shop here but didn't feel that I would actually be able to do it. Kinda wish I had agreed as who knows where it might have led. You go girl! Have fun. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Bunny that is exciting! What a cool friend to make too! I am so glad you have this oppurtunity & have found MORE purpose ;) Pretty cool!!!

  9. That truly is exciting! YIPPEE!!

    I am off to see what I have missed on everyone's Blogs since I have been MIA for a bit!

    Happy Holidays my sweet friend!



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