Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saving the Universe

After a brief and somewhat peaceful break of crafting, I picked up where I left off. There are a couple of "events" coming my way and I've been running around like Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor...thinkin' this, grabbing that, experimenting and creating up a storm. Remember, 99% of what I make is from recycled items....I'm trying to save the Universe, one craft project at a time.

OK, so I had these wooden flower silhouettes since like forever, in fact, they were in Raquel's Nursery (she's 18) and then I placed them on my porch where they gathered moss and anonymity.
They were dirty, outdated and just plain B-O-R-I-N-G!

I repainted the stems and leafs a metallic green with paint I already had, covered the flowers with pretty scrapbook paper ( had that too) applied my magic buttons ( got plenty of them) painted the pots a shocking pink ( check) and covered the planting oasis ( got it) with doilies that I per cured from a yard sale....wrapped it up in a pink bow and......it's magic. All 3 items cost me 75 cents...a quarter per doilie.

Oh yeah, I kind of sanded the edges a little to give it a little vintage look...I'm not very fond of shiny things...

And somehow, word got around at work that I like junk, so my friend Lynn, who is in the middle of cleaning out her house because she is moving, gave me a cute little lacy collar among other things. I had no idea what I was gonna do with it, but the first thing I did was tea dye it cuz I seem to tea dye everything that is white.
I ironed it.....yes people, I still iron stuff, and I attached it to a lamp and places a rhinestone bow on the edge....It'll do for now until I come across something else I wanna do and have to steal from Paul to pay Peter....I'm Just Sayin'


  1. you've got some terrific ideas in that pretty head of yours...keep up the great work, fun. I'm not too motivated this time of year, I think it's the weather.

  2. You do go work. I would've just thrown the stuff away.

    I like the little Hampster size TV tray in the middle.

    1. Ooh you clever little bunny you!! Love the pink and green together and I adore tea dyed lace. Pretty things! x

  3. There's nothing like beautiful old 'junk' for sweet inspiration..good stuff, bunny♥


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