Friday, January 13, 2012

What I don't want...

Although I don't make New Years Resolutions, here is a little list of things I DON"T want to happen in the New Year~

* I hope I don't fall down our stairs as that would set forth a bad vibe to all of Erics hard work.

* That no one reads my blog anymore and I'm asked to cancel my blog membership.

* That Etsy doesn't catch on to the lack of real talent I have and banish me from their website.

* That I confuse they're, there and their.

* Is that Pinterest starts monthly member fees and I am forced to go to a pawn shop and
pawn something because I have an addiction.

* Is to keep putting my crafts stuff away when we have company...people will just
have to accept me and my chaos. My husband with it people!

* I don't want the Jersey Shore bunch to be on regular TV....because we don't have
cable and I will be forced to do a drive by viewing like a wreak on the freeway.

* For my daughter to come home unexpectedly with her fiance and tell us they're
taking a year off school to trek through Europe to collect soil samples.

* To NEVER make a waxing appointment on Friday the 13th.

* To Ever hear..."I'm sexy and I know it", have you seen these guys...they're not.

* To see my grandsons wearing the saggy pants at any time.

* Due to the Mayan calender...for this to be my last year of life....I need more time to be

* Is for Romney to be president....I want my President to work on Sundays too!

* Is to become a Vegetarian....I enjoy chicken too much and I'd be forced to make 2
dinners because my husband would never go for it.

* For Yellow to be the new black.....I look terrible in yellow...I think most people do.

* For the Kardasians to start acting like normal people....I find them very entertaining.

* Is make a bet with someone and lose and have to pay up.

* To lose my signature tag line to something like...See Ya' Next Time!

I'm Just Sayin'


  1. Okay!
    But tell me, bunny what is Pinterest?

  2. love it all!!!


  3. give us the link to your etsey site!!


  4. I love your list!!!

    I am off to start making merriment this morning! YIPPEE!!


  5. Good plan! This really made me giggle!!!

  6. BUNNY? WOW, it was nice to see you come by! I wonder what I did this time for you to leave a comment! I know my blog is not your cup of tea, but thank you anyway for coming. It really is nice to see you. Yeah, life is super busy especially now that I have an Etsy shop. I love it, but now instead of juggling three things, I am juggling four. Oh well, my choice!

    Good to see you. Anita

  7. Hey Bun, hope the new year is treating you good so far. I don't do resolutions. I just take one day at a time. I'm definitely scared of what I see in the candidates for president and really sick of all the mud slinging that goes on. I look okay in yellow but a dark salmon color is pretty awful! I've been vegetarian for almost 3 years now and my family eats what I feed them or they find something else. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy


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