Monday, January 3, 2011

The Circle of the Resolution

You say you made a revolution? Or did you make a restitution?....OK...I'm just trying to be funny because it's Resolution time. You know, when you pick a bad character flaw or daily issue to overcome and make good on. It usually lasts about 3 days for the thrill to be gone... from what the experts say....experts meaning EVERYONE on the planet who makes them.

Weighty issues seems to be #1 with most people and I'm thinking it's because we just had our fill of holiday cooking and festivities, when honestly, we've had ALL last year to take off the weight from the previous holiday. Exercising seems to be high on the list, but it's so cold in January and February, that you can't go outside to do it and lord knows you can't do it inside...we need a exercising buddy for that and the darn cats just stare at me, the party poopers! So we tell ourselves we'll wait for warmer weather and that doesn't happen till Easter and we all know you can't start an exercising program at that time...too tempting with all those chocolate bunnies running around, not to mention Spring break when our wild side shows up .
So we wait till Spring cleaning and THEN we'll not only get to movin' but, things will get clean...My house is too big, I'll take one room a week and that should do it but then, you come across those old photos that you haven't seen in years and you've pretty much wasted time sitting on the floor surrounded by memories. So you decide to put them in scrape books and of course it's May now and the beginning of Memorial weekend where the food fest begins which in turn, takes us to Summer and you are determined to eat healthy because fruit and veggies are so plentiful...but then is Ice Cream.

Before you know it Summers almost done with and you've never hit the beach or the pool...does watering the lawns every other day count? I'm not gonna pretend here...FALL is where my Resolution Falls apart...cooler weather, kids back at school, food dates with friends and last but not least....COMFORT FOOD!

So here we are, back where we started and my intentions are good but perhaps not realistic. Needless to say, my New Years Resolution has been the same one for about
10 years. To be a better person and although I try through out the year, I try harder at the beginning of the year. So...I walk a little, swim a little, hit the beach and pool when I can, grow my veggies and eat more apples and pick up the house once in a while, but more importantly, I try to smile more, help people more and in general just be better than the previous year...

the problem is my memory is goin' so I don't remember how good I was ...I'm just sayin!


  1. Love your new aqua blog Bunny.I should change mine up but don't know how! You are so smart and you're right about new years resolutions, i've already messed up a little and it's only Jan.3
    What a beautiful dragonfly you have there; is it a pin? I collect df pins, do you?
    I get so many ideas and inspirations from your blog and writings.I hope you'll stay your own sweet self and have continued success in 2011

  2. Well, I wouldn't worry too much about being"in shape" if I were you, it's not many of us that can 'pick up a house', at least without any mechanical assistance..:oD

  3. Bunny honey I am not going to tell you what I said out loud when your headbroad came to life. hahahahaha
    You are just tooooooo funny and I love that about you.
    Anyway I read your story and now I totally forget what I wanted to say about it. hahaa
    I do remember I came over to wish you a very Happy New Year
    Love ya

  4. Hi Bunny: Your post says "Martha" all over it. I have to resolve to make my resolutions. It is a hard knock life! Love you lots, Martha

  5. Dear Bunny,
    This is so funny because it's so true for many of us. I had some fun with Resolutions in my other blog, At Wits End

    Like you, I figure if you can't have a good sense of humor about this stuff, what's the point?

    I really appreciate your comment on Heavenly Minded & Earthly Good. That's the more serious but hopeful side.

    Bunny, I really love what you do to your blog. I always love visiting here.

    Your friend,

  6. January is a rubbish month to start afresh in my opinion - far too grey, cold and dismal! The only resolution I've made is to do more dancing (it's easier to stick to the fun ones!) x

  7. Bunny - LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW LOOK! IMONA STEAL IT! The blue is so soothing and magical. And girl, those kids in the bunny costumes DO look like little devils! I'm with Eric LOL! Hope your holidays were wonderful. I, for one, AM GLAD THEY'RE OVER!!!!

    Ebenezer Scrooge


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