Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm working on a new bear with me. I'm tired and my neck hurts...

BTW...these are kiddos with bunny costumes....Eric says they look like devil costumes

either's kinda appropriate....stay tuned


  1. I think they are cute what ever they are.

  2. At first I was going to agree with Eric, but with their 'paws' up like that, they are definitely rabbit bunnies..LOL

  3. I think I am with Eric on this one.

  4. Hey Bun Bun! So this is your year, huh! :) I like the new blog look. Those bunny costumes are very unusual but it is a great photo and perfect for you. I love all the header pictures you are able to find. Changing the blog look for some reaons always seems to take much longer than it should. :/ Good luck! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Love that picture- made me laugh out loud..gad, the things we do to our children!
    I'm assuming that you mean a new look for your blog, and not that you are perming yor hair and becoming a redhead (like me...the colour, not the perm!)
    OK, I'll try and be patient...*sigh*


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