Monday, January 10, 2011

Darn 80% Off

At a time when people at Eric's work are being layed off and Eric himself has gotten a salary cut, NOW is not the time to go shopping. I had a long talk with my self about how much I have and how grateful I am and how I couldn't possibly buy one more Christmas item. Seriously, I don't, but as I entered Kohl's (you knew there was a but coming huh?) and spied that huge, very festive sign that read ( hello bunny, yes I'm talking to you) *Christmas 80% off* it was like a huge magnet was pulling me to the back of the store. And as I'm walking back, I'm telling myself, your just gonna look, you don't need a darn thing!

Well...Here are the darn things...

Circus Flags and a Red diamond cut Hurricane Candle Holder

Some Big Top Circus Ornaments that will fit right in with my Christmas/Circus Theme

A Big Beautiful Red Glittery Believe Sign

A Holiday Welcome Flag and 3 photo holders for Eric, Raquel and Moi'

...And a little heifer with a fence for my Department 56 Christmas Village....SCORE!!

And because I can't wait till next Christmas...

the Hurricane Lamp is on display in my living~room already!

Now that I'm thinking about it...I just might be a Christmas Decor organized Christmas Decor Hoarder.....I'm Just Sayin'


  1. I stayed away from Kohl's after Christmas on purpose knowing I could possibly get out of control with their "after sale". Now I wish I had gone--love the circus ornaments. That hurricane lamp is a good year-round item, love it!

  2. I did not get any christmas markdowns this year. but I like the things you got. I think the red candle holder is great for valentines or all year.

  3. Looks like you got some fun things. Ever once in awhile, you just gotta get a little something even if you don't really need it. Love your previous post you crazy girl! Best wishes, tammy

  4. Great stuff and great deals! I love the hurricane lamp!

  5. I noticed that yours was the only upper case letter on the photo holders. Hmmmmmmm??

  6. I like all your unnecessary purchases. Just remember, it is not a bargain unless you need it.

  7. I hear you,'s hard to I just don't go to those places until March (retail Purgatory, when the real sales are, at least, here)
    I just got a very pretty multi-colured, looks like stained glass hurricane-style candle holder at the thrift store for I think 25 cents..
    Next time you feel that retail therapy urge, go to a thrift store, you'll be amazed at what you can find, and I usually get out of the store, big bag in hand, for around $2 and some change...
    Your "Jones" gets pacified, and you haven't broken the bank..

  8. All your sale goodies are nice. I will be looking forward to seeing Christmas pictures next year with your goodies set out. Hugs

  9. I keep telling myself too not to buy anything else for Christmas because 14 trees is more than enough but i did buy a few items. I LOVE the believe sign. And your other items are so cute!


  10. I don't think it's humanly possible to walk past an 80% off sign! ;) Enjoy your goodies!

    Happy Rednesday,

  11. I chose to stay away from all the sales these last couples of years, since I tend to pick up more than my house can hold :-)

  12. I love end of the season sales, but this year I forgot all about them..

  13. I love all your great finds!But I also need to stay away from sales. I always buy too much of what I don't need & have nowhere to store .


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