Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just the Two of Us

Just resting up from a frenzied weekend. Raquel and I left for San Luis Obsipo on Thursday morning and came back home Friday night. The college of her choice had an open house all this weekend and the only days she could go were Thursday and Friday as she had to be in Fresno on Saturday. The open house was very impressive and I just couldn't believe how organized and well orchestrated the event was. Raquel met with her Ag teachers and was surprised to learn that she actually knew one from all the livestock events she's been involved with over the past 4 years.
She changed her Major from Ag. Science to Ag. Communications, but knowing her, she'll do both.
Ag. Communications is right up her alley. It involves Animals, Food,Writing, Art and public speaking...all the things she enjoys. Yep, she LOVES public speaking which I found out is people's #1 fear. This surprises us because as a kid, if we were at a park and other kids came around, she'd wanna leave or, if she needed another packet of ketchup from the McDonald's counters, she wouldn't go get it...until people left the area....Who knew?

We had a great time the two of us traveling along 101 hwy singing country tunes and talking 'bout college, guys, Ag. and life. How she got so smart is beyond me and after visiting the campus for the 2nd time, I'm more than sure she made the right decision. As soon as we came home from up north, she had to repack and head on up again with her FFA officer team to Fresno for the State Conference where they will vote on the next FFA State Officers. She will be busy with evens, activities, meetings and I hear a concert with Gloriana (never heard of them) and Cheryl Crow...I heard of

Anyways, Eric and I have been on our own for a couple of days with more to come as she doesn't come home till Tuesday and just let me say that it's really strange and really quiet around here.
As we were eating dinner last night, just the two of us, I said, "so this is how it's gonna be huh?",
his reply," Yep babe...just you and me....forever" San Luis Obsipo is only a 4 hour drive....I bet I can make it in 3 1/2....I'm just sayin'

ps. I have pics but not the camera at this time...perhaps later~


  1. Gloriana Is good. I hate public speaking.

    When we took College girl for open house they did a great job. They want your money. LOL

    Our house is a lot quieter now with 3 of 4 out.

  2. My house is like a tomb, except when hubby has to crank up the volume on the TV, to be able to hear it! ENS STINKS! You'd think I'd be used to it.

  3. Ya know, it all sounds so exciting (for Raquel, that is), and although you will be missing her terribly, she's not going to be all that far away. And you must be so proud that she's a real go getter. Times are tough, and that trait will serve her quite well. SO glad you came by to visit so I could see your groovy sidebar and blog do! And thank you for your kind words today...the Photoshop thing is my "collegiate" training and it's driving me crazy, but I really enjoy the learning. It really is trial and error with a wee bit of learning that I could actually do more than once. Take care! ~ Angela

  4. Anyone who can laugh at themselves is already way ahead of the two should jump in a vehicle and tour the West Coast, c'mon by and visit Vancouver Island, and stop by Duncan, come and see me at the Farmer's Market-you'll love it!
    Buncha farmers..well, all except me...♥

  5. Aw you must be so proud of her Bunny!

    We do raise them to go off into the world and make their own way, when they do that it's a sign of our success as parents. I'm DREADING it lol! x

  6. That's wonderful news Bunny; you raised her well and she's gonna do just fine and you and the hubster will enter a new phase in your lives.
    Take it from one who's been there - get packing,enjoy this time, go see the world!

  7. Oh such sweet times. I know you will miss her when she goes away to college. You will have some good times as empty nesters too. Take care and have a wonderful Easter.

  8. Aaaah, the depths of man're so lucky! :)


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