Monday, April 25, 2011

Life List

There's so much going on lately that I could write several posts and take up about 5 or 6 weeks worth...but I won't cuz I'm to lazy, instead, I'll just write a goes....

Raquel got a car and not just any car, a car that my mother in law bought 5 days before Raquel was born...yup, it's a 1993 Mercury Topaz, top of the line (for that year) with 32,000 miles on it and in mint condition. It even has a little statue of Jesus on the dashboard, that I so fashionably attached a FFA flag to his hand. So now, my car isn't used for a mobile office anymore, nor does it reek of livestock and have a continuously layer of farm dust on it...It's just MY car again!

I'm officially buying College stuff, like, extra long bed sheets and comforters and mace.

Raquel, my very anti dress daughter picked out the very first prom dress she saw and we both like it....who knew?

We found a possum living up in our tree and Eric is beside himself trying to catch it. Even though he's slower (the possum) he seems to be a little more adaptable.

Easter was uneventful and I made a little mini ham for just us but I still had to endure all those scary pictures of Jesus.

Although we and when I say we, I mean Eric, has finished the little staircase it made the rest of the carpeted staircase look ugly, so, we are beginning to rip out ALL the carpet and finish it in wood. Now when my squirrelly grandsons tap dance on the staircase, it'll be music to our ears....NOT!!!!

Our house is starting to resemble a dairy, a goat dairy to be exact. We are feverishly pasteurizing goat milk and making the most delicious garlic and dill goat cheese on the planet. Thinking about renaming the house to Maison de fromage de chèvre...House of Goat Cheese!

Signed up for water aerobics again and although I haven't gone yet due to cold evening weather, I'm sooooo looking forward to putting on the slenderizing bathing suit that cost me an arm and a leg...hopefully, thinner arms and legs.

....And I'm crafting my arse off, making whatever comes to mind...and that is what I'll be posting about soon.

What have you all been up to?


  1. I remember the college dorn furnishing days. Long sheets, whats up with that? We found some so we didnt have to pay college prices for them.

    Never pictured you as Mrs. Goat Cheese. I'll look for it in the stores. You could package them in red crafty containers.

    It is nice when you get your wheels back aint it?LOL

    Glad you had a nice Easter.

  2. Sounds busy- and delish! Mmm, I can just taste that cheese on a lovely cracker...
    I'm still packing furiously, when I'm not wasting time online, and moving Thursday *groan* really, can't wait, but so much to do!
    You might want to add "aromatique" to the house it that sense of elegance, doncha know?♥

  3. Glad you have the energy for busy, I sure don't.

  4. Hey Bun, not sure how I missed your past several posts. Must be all the dust in the air making my brain all fuzzy. :/ I see you made a trip to the college campus. Glad to hear that went well. I can't believe you are making cheese. How fun is that ???!!! Enjoy! I must hit the hay now.
    Toodles til next time! Tammy

  5. YAY Raquel! YAY goat cheese!! now I'm tired from reading your loooonnng list of to-do's and I must take a nap...take care sweetpea..

  6. I have been busy watching watching a kid eat dirt, plastic berries and getting ready for the National Halloween Convention.....explanation about the dirt and plastic berries to come in tomorrow's post. *giggle*

    You guys have been busier than a cat in a litter box!!



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