Saturday, January 9, 2010

I scored...big time

Went to a yard sale Saturday morning. The choir teacher at work is moving and from knowing her and her taste I was chewing at the bit....why?...because this why...

White rooster, wrought iron stand, shabby chic tray and round ornate plaster mirror....there's more...

black wrought Iron container and two pairs of pink of them has little jewels all over them....wait, there's more...

A beautiful planter with roosters on it that I already gave to a friend with a rooster fetish

Wow! you say...wait there is still more...a vanity mirrored tray and another cute little mirror with delicate little etchings all around the edge......

Can you believe all this wonderful stuff...but wait....a greenish gold garden trellis..

Oh...I'm not done yet my friends....a shabby chic pic that fits perfectly in my dinning room

and the Pièce de résistance...wait for it....wait for it.....BAM!
A huge wrought Iron planter...with 2 doves in it...not sure what I'm gonna do with the birds but I plan on painting the planter white

Now if this is not impressive to you, the price for all this will knock you off your computer chair...

$20.00...yep that's twenty dollars...American moola. Actually, I felt so bad and shocked at the price...I gave her $25.00 just so I could sleep tonight...but I tell ya'...I was so thrilled at my finds that I was practically high...not that I know what that feels like...


  1. ooooh I could see why you felt high. That is AMAZING!!!! WOW what wonderful stuff and the price..jackpot!!!!

  2. You are awesome. You always end your posts with just the right punch. WHAT GREAT FINDS BUNNY! California STILL has the best yard sale deals. Boston....nah. Minneapolis, better. But in California, you can still pay lower prices for good is your back these days my friend? Did the cups work? Thanks for stopping by, Bunny! Bisous, Anita

  3. Good for you, you hit the yard sale from Heaven! Don't you just love those?

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Holy Cow! I hand my Flea Market Crown to YOU!
    $25 BUCKS?? You did score!
    I love the trellis and the mirrors, and that rooster bucket would be perfect for my kitchen...haha!
    All hail to the QUEEN!

  5. Wow! All that for $20 and you paid more. My husband would not be pleased as he is always trying to get a bargain. Everyone expects big time price haggling on this side of the world. You got some great stuff! Good for you. Hope you are having a great Sunday! Blessings, Tammy

  6. OMG...I am DROOLING over all your goodies!

    I won't even venture out of the house right now (not even for a yard sale) because it's 17 degrees here!! Ughhhhhh!

    Love you Bun-Bun,

  7. Wow, I'm really impressed! Your right, you did score big time. I would have paid 20 bucks for the wrought iron planter alone! Thanks for coming by, your thoughts were sooo appreciated. ~Lisa

  8. You got an excellent deal. I'm so envious. I know you'll find exactly the right place for it all.


  9. Bunny

    Those are the kind of yard sales people dream of. Anita have found them only once in while, but we have gotten some great stuff that way.

    I wanted to also comment on your last post about your back. Nutrapharma has a new product that is soon to hit stores everywhere but for now is available online and in some stores. It's called Cobroxin and comes in an application gel and oral spray. Prescription strength Nyloxin is due to come out soon as well. I used this stuff on my chronic knee and elbow pain and it really worked nicely. You can read about it here.

    The gel is mostly for thin skin areas like knuckles, knees and elbows that don't have too much muscle between the surface of the skin and where the pain is located. So it's best to use the oral spray for those areas. I know several people who use both gel and spray and say it's worked wonders for them.

  10. Holy Guacamole! Good thing you got to this stuff before the dealers got to!
    You are so lucky!
    I'd die for that mirror on the left...the brassy one.

  11. Oh my sweet funny I miss coming to your site....I guess I should move back to town so I can
    Girl friend you scored big time and I mean big time. The picture alone of the flowers is worth 40.00 at most places. I know because I have been wanting to get one of these and I love all your other pieces too.
    If you frame that picture in what looks like old wood and paint it white they sell for 125.00 at these flea markets in Texas. Yep you did good.
    Thanks for asking about my daughter Christi. Yes she left for Spain, Sunday morning and I got to talk to her maybe three minutes after she landed Monday in Spain. She called this morning at 3:30 am but could not get out from under all the heavy quilts and my cat to get to the phone in time and it would not let me call her back. I am guessing that she loves it but will find out Sunday when she gets back.
    Bunny if I don't get this internet issue settled soon you are going to be seeing me on the national news for Pearl may loose control because I did not know how addicted I was to all of your sites until they were taken away from me.
    If I could I would hide away here in the library after they close and be on here all night. hahahahahaha
    Can you believe I won that giveaway from Karyn at French Charming. I can not wait to pick out my piece.
    Miss you

  12. OMG!!! I don't know how you do it!! You're just amazing when it comes to finding goodies at yard sales, wow!! Man if I ever visited you I'd have to rent a Uhaul to drive back, lol! (still would be worth the trip though *snicker & and wink*)

  13. Bun, I know this is an older post but I just wanted to say that I wish I was crafty like that ... i'm just not. I love that shabby chic stuff and refurbishing and painting and wrought iron and Rachel Ashwell, but I have absolutely no talent in that area.


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