Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Motto...

One morning when I was dropping Raquel off at school, before she got out of the car I turned to her and said, "remember, business before pleasure", her response, "is that your motto mom?...well yeah, I guess so. I have picked a motto every year since. In 2008 our motto was "make it happen". And in 2009 it was "beware of geeks bearing gifts. I or should I say we have used these inspirational sayings as a joke at the most hysterical and inappropriate times.
Raquel has even let a couple of her friends in on our joke motto and once in a while they will surprise me with it. We were coming home from downtown L.A and we had just watched a performance of Mary Poppins at the Ahmansen Theater. By the way...it was fabulous. Anyways, I was driving and we were talking about the play and the music when Raquel tells me she liked that song "practically perfect"...well, almost simultaneously we looked at each other and laughed out loud and yelled...our new motto!

So let it be know that this year...2010's motto is "Practically Perfect" and no doubt, not only will we be saying it a lot but I will include it into this years blogging....I'm just sayin'!


  1. Bunny: Only you would sing to me on my blog. I love that about you. That you can just break into song at just the slightest thought! I like your new motto too! I am going to see Mary Poppins next month, can't wait! Love you, Martha

  2. Sounds "PERFECT" to me!!!! Thanks for all the support during my scare with sweet Reba. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD to be home & I'm glad she's here! Hugs! Have a PERFECT day tomorrow! Charlene

  3. Got an odd feeling you won't be using it when your referring to me.....but I'm ok with that!

  4. And that sounds just perfect to me, Bunny! How wonderful that you take the time to think out these types of things and pass that on to your daughter; she is a lucky girl and you are a lucky mom to have such a relationship with her....simplicity, n'est-ce pas? Wow, I have learned to keep things to the basics: respect others no matter what their "differences" from mine may be and just LOVE everyone. Life is better that way and more SIMPLE! Good to see you dear Bunny! Have a perfect day! Anita

  5. Bun Bun...you always have the most wonderful postings. I pink puffy heart you.


  6. Cool! I love it! I'll have to remember to use it. Love to hear about you and your daughters precious moments. Awesome!
    hugs to you and your daughter,


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