Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's like peeling a grape

My life has come to this. No, not peeling grapes but close. Because I have Diverticulosis I can't eat a lot of things...including foods with seeds which includes tomatoes...the ones in my fridge that have been sitting there since Christmas. Oh, they're still good, they're Grape Tomatoes and they keep a very long time. Did I tell you that I LOVE Grape Tomatoes? And that every single time I open the fridge they mock me. All cute and red and plump in their cozy little packaging that caught my eye at the market. Told you I'm a sucker for presentation. So...what to do. Eric prefers regular tomatoes and Raquel doesn't like them at all and I certainly will not throw them out.

Today when I came home for lunch and opened the fridge, again my little friends began mocking me,"ha, ha you can't eat me", "go 'head bunny and see what will happen". Oh yeah, I'll show them. I took them out and decided to slice them in half and take out the seeds...

Do you know how meticulous that is and was? I did it, but I won't be doing that again...what a hassle plus most of the taste is in the pulp. Looks like I'm making salsa. Wonder how they feel now?

aye carumba


  1. Wow Bunny, sorry to hear that you have Diverticulosis. What's the prognosis for improvement?

    Also, I wanted to include you blog among those I follow. Do you have a link here where I can do that? I tried "Follow Me" but it doesn't click.


  2. Oh, diverticulosis, so sorry to hear that. What a challenge! I wish you well, Bunny. Cute photo of the tomatoes. Aye Carumba! ~ Angela

  3. Bunny: No tomatoes for you! Noah, says "Grandma no ice tea for you!" I was just visiting and wondering what would be so wrong about a cake plate arriving at your home from a secret someone. As a wise old friend of mine often is heard saying ... I am just say... Love Woman, Martha

  4. I know how hard that is. Seems like when your diet is restricted, everything is on that list!

    Some research is saying that seeds, skins, and nuts are not really a problem. But when you are having issues you really don't feel like experimenting.

    I spent one year ago dealing with issues and having an upper and lower GI scope. Before that I hadn't eaten anything but white rice, broth, and Ensure for six weeks.

    No Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Ham for me. Not even chocolate!!!

    They suspected diverticulosis. In fact I had been hospitalized with an acute case of suspected diverticulitis and then told to go home and heal before having any invasive testing could be done. (A long 6 weeks)

    Test results said I didn't have it, or cancer, or Celiac disease. So why all the horrible pain and severe bleeding that put me into the hospital for three days?

    The Dr. even ruled out ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. That leaves me with IBS... something that I have suffered with for forty years.

    That and GERD and a hiatal hernia. Even had an ultra sound on my galbladder, pancreas and liver.

    This year has been touch and go. I take MiraLAX ever single day, per Dr.'s order. That really helps.

    I eat almost everything but try to stay away from grease, spicy foods and haven't had any sodas for over a year!

    He did say that stress plays a role in how I feel... Duh!

    Take care,
    Bunny Jean

  5. Auntie Camille has diverticulosis too. Even so, we went to the movies today to see "Nine", she had popcorn knowing full well it's gonna affect her. Glutton for punishment that she is she thought it would be worth it. Maybe you can talk to her and rub off some of your will power.

    Guess you won't be planting anymore mato plants, eh?


  6. Oh geeze....I am barely making it to your post! I couldn't leave a message for some reason yesterday!! Oh my dearest, sweetest Bunny! I would scream if I couldn't eat tomato or seeds!!! You are a real trooper and a beautiful woman filled with much love and humor. I hope that you will always be able to find substitutes that you will be able to eat. And like Marie said, you have tremendous will power. It is worth having, let me tell you! Have a beautiful weekend, Anita

  7. Hah!! You're too cute and what an ingenious way of trying to get around the issue. I'm with you... I love those little plump darlings!

    *insert thick NY accent* Sooo, you have salsa, Oye! ;-)

  8. Oh sorry you have diverticulitis!
    You must have some will power.....good for you. I know it's not fun.
    Hey gf...I love your new banner! Did you draw this? It's so cool!


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