Thursday, September 23, 2010

My New Aquisitions

Acquired some goodies lately...

feast your eyes on this...a giant poster of Barnum and Bailey circus

and this...a bag o' buttons

both of these items were givin' to me by Brenda in exchange for me cleaning out her closet...easiest score I ever made.

and I purchased these items from a yard Autumn table cloth

this black enamel cake plate cover

and this dainty hankie with the letter N embroidered on it

I had time to made this pillow from a little lawn flag that I purchased from Kholhs for $1.00. I already had the fabric and I just recovered an existing pillow I didn't care for

now, I'm on the lookout for a little stool...just small and high enough to....let's say....milk a goat or something of that nature.....stay tuned~


  1. oh, a goat...hmmmm, what are you up to. Love all the goodies you found, the black cake cover is beautiful...

  2. Hi Bunny, lots of great stuff here. Especially that bag of buttons. And lovely Fall tablecloth. Stools and milking ... should be interesting. :) Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  3. A concrete block is about the right height for goat milkin. Won't show real nice in the den tho and is heck on the bare toes.

  4. You milk goats a lot? Great booty and such creativity with the pillow!

  5. We do love the same things,you and I. Happy stool hunting......(that didn't sound so good did it?lol).

  6. ..high enough to milk a you find any big colourful vintage buttons in that collection, and they need a new home...♥

  7. Oh my gosh, Bunny, is that B&B Circus Poster authentic? Even if it isn't, I love these old vintage posters. But if it is, hold on to it, it's certain to be worth more than you paid for it. Isn't finding great stuff cheap great fun?

    Of course with my super powers I can spot those ancient gold coins in the box of buttons, and the mint condition issue of Superman #1 tossed in the pile of old magazines. (Don't I wish.)

    Thanks for visiting old Rattus Scribus.

    Your bud,

  8. Milk a goat?!?

    Lovely things Bunny - your "B" pillow in particular is very cool, I love it! I am also envious of your buttons - can I clean Brenda's closet next time??

  9. Oh my goodness,, does she need another closet cleaned? I love those buttons girl. That vintage game is way too cool. I love getting stuff like that. I just made a cake and used my 'free' from the curb cake platter holder. Very similar to yours but mine is not painted..I am thinking of doing something with it..I'm still takes me months to get past thinking and just DO!!!!

  10. Hi Bunny: I leave you alone for a week and you are milking goats! You have to be watched. You are a cleaver woman, making that pillow. I hope you enjoyed that a little more than milking goars. Blessings my friend, Martha

  11. Great bits and pieces!! I may start clearing out other peoples closets!!!


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