Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let it Rip

Can I just say how much I despise carpet? I HATE CARPET!! Which is why I ripped out the carpet on the lower three
stair treads going down and Eric ripped out two more on the staircase going up

going to extend the hardwood flooring to these treads...gonna be hard being that the floor has been in for 16 years

but if anyone can do it...Eric can...he's the man


  1. Yuck! I hate carpet too! Lucky for you, you've got a great guy taking care of it.


    PS - love the new look of your blog!

  2. My wife wants to take the carpet off our stairs and refinish/replace and stain. We got a quote(Gag/Cough). Lehman BrothersBuy out was cheaper. LOL

    I love the carpet. Dont hurt as bad when ya trip.

    I did do the laminate all downstairs. It does look good.

    Love your new layout.

  3. I hate carpet too! I have all hardwood. My house was built in 1932 so the wood is very pretty. Our kitchen is planks...I love it. I only own two small rugs, by the front and back door. Can't wait to see the stair treads done!

  4. did wonderful Eric know that the carpet was coming off the stairs or did you surprise him!

  5. Bunny,
    When we moved into our house the whole thing was in beige carpet -- with all the rain and snow in this state! First thing we did was "let it rip." We were pleased to find good quality hardwood floors underneath that we didn't even have refinish. Go figure.

    Other parts of the house had horrific linoleum tile which we did replace. Nice to get things in your home the way you want isn't it?


    PS, I had to laugh at one of the labels for this post: "yucky carpet".

  6. I hate carpet too, but I'm too lazy to put hardwood in.
    Happy week.

  7. Eewww, I hate carpet too. Hubby is trying to talk me into carpeting our third floor since the wood floors up there are not the best. But so far, I just can't see it. I feel like you just can't keep carpet as clean as a hard floor. When you clean a wood floor, you KNOW it's clean!

    Good luck with the stair project! They'll look fab!

  8. Carpet is so much harder to keep clean than other flooring...can't wait to see the finished product on your stairs. Hugs

  9. I love hardwood floors. We have lots and lots of throw rugs around here. No hardwood; just polished up the cement floor before we moved in. Hard enough keeping these rugs clean. Carpet in this country would be awful! Hope you are having a great week so far. :) Tammy

  10. Hi Bunny! I'm with you on the whole carpet thing. I tore it out of 3 rooms in our first house. Mr. was at work and came home to a heaping pile of carpet on the curb. But, he's no Eric. I would like to "Eric-ize" him right about now. Our floors would very much like a makeover! Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comment'd you know I needed a great big Bunny hug? You are the best! Like your new Fall look here too. ~ Hugs to you. ~ Angela


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