Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stealing Rednesday

Just a little splash of red from my living room on a vintage red and black lacquered tray. My neighbors climbing rose bush hangs over my back a clipped a bunch off. Hey! Possession is nine tenth of the law...right?

UPDATE: regarding 11:11
Last week, I was having breakfast with my friend Cathy and while in the middle of having a great conversation, she suddenly stopped and urgently asked me what time I had to be at work.I told her 11:30. She then reached into her purse to retrieve her cell phone and looked at the time....She blurted out "Oh man, it's 11:11 we should go"...........need I say more?


  1. Your "stolen" roses look very pretty on that tray! I agree, possession is 9/10 of the law! I had to go back and read your whole post on 11:11. I've looked at the clock many, many times to see that time on there, and I'm always so happy when I see it. Why? I have no idea....
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. I don't remember ever looking and seeing 11:11. Then again, I have had amanesia for as long as I can remember. I am usually looking for 12:00 so I can eat lunch.

    I think folks get charged with possession.

  3. I had to quick look at the clock...o.k. there. love the reds and roses, so pretty together.

  4. Those lush roses look great in your lr, and if it were my rosebush, i would expect you to avail yourself of the ones that hung over in your yard..;)

  5. Wow, Bunny. Just as your life is changing in a big way and you're wondering what's your purpose now that your nest is one birdie shy, you are seeing all this 11:11 stuff everywhere. I'm no psychologist but I'd say that constitutes a symbol of your need to find "an answer" or answers for your new situation.

    As weird as this may sound, I encourage you to enjoy this period of mystery and transition. Usually it is only the young that experience that. At the time, they hate not knowing where they're headed, who they'll marry, etc. But I say, that's a feeling and period of time to cherish, for it rarely comes again.


  6. Hi Bunny, nice new blog look. I am feeling the need to start changing mine up again as I've left it the same for months now. Hard to think about anything Fallish when it is still hot her and everyone is still running around in short sleeves and sandals.

    Lovely roses! Have a wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  7. Hey Bunny,
    Maybe there are "11:11s" all around us, but we only seem to notice them when needs and stages in our lives finally open our eyes to see what's been there all along. I've had many an experience in my life where a question or quest "happen" to collide with a "coincidence." I haven't always paid attention in the past. But I'm more attentive now. At least I think I am.


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