Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 Events

Two events fell upon us this weekend, not to mention that Saturday morning, jumped in my car to take care of errands before said events, to find a dead car....hence, a dead battery.
So after some choreography and some smart quick thinking and footwork, it only set me back 1 1/2 hours.

Event #1...A Major FFA Award Banquet which Raquel was a happy reciprocate of. Apparently all her hard work in the organization has been taken notice and award was bestowed her

Oh yeah, Alex got one too. And just in case you were wondering...YES, they are back together and NO, that is not event #2

Event #2. My youngest Grandsquirel's Birthday Party. He turned 5 and his parents decided to hold the party at our neighborhood Red Robin. Here's DJ, the birthday boy!

with Raquel and Meredith, my two beautiful daughters.

and Ethan and Franklin of course!

Grandpa and Nana, those crazy old folks

with silly Uncle Trevor, My son in law Frank, Uncle George and Lexi all having a great time.

Next week, 2 more major events...My father in laws Birthday and most hair appointment...going brunette. I'm Just Sayin'


  1. Somebody has been busy! Love the photos. Congrats and a Happy Birthday, to the appropriate persons.

  2. Happy birthday to little squirrel. Congrats to Raquel! Love that big green bow on Trevor! :) Looks like ya'll had a great time. I went a little darker too with my hair -- since I can't tan anymore, the blonde just wasn't going with the white bod. :/ Have a great week Bun! :) Tammy

  3. Raquel has done so well. I know you are proud.

    The party looks like yall had a good time. Loved the pics. Thank you for sharing.
    Brunette? Cant wait to see.

  4. Hi Bunny! Congrats to your sweet Raquel. Such fun photos of your beautiful family. Brunette, huh? FABuLous! Have a great week. ~ Angela

  5. Congratulations to Raquel and Alex! Happy Birthday to DJ. Glad the car problem was easily taken care of and not a major expense. The pictures are great, looks as if everyone had a lot of fun. Love your new blog look. Hope you show pictures of your new do after your trip to the beauty shop. Hugs

  6. Goodness you had a busy week. I felt sorry for you on the previous post about your sweetie going to college. It is hard and I would have to say I was just like you.
    congrats on all the awards and a belated Happy birthday to your handsome young grandson. I love the picture of you and grandpa. Your beautiful Bunny honey!
    Hope your well. Like your new background.

  7. After figuring that i wanted to see what my 'real' haircolour was after all these years, I couldnt stand it and went back to bein' a redhead..LOVE being a redhead..good luck with the your other pictures, thought you already were a brunette?♥

  8. Holy Smokes!!! You are busy!! But all good things!! (except the dead battery of course) But I do love to see your family all together celebrating! Love the sister pic! That has to be my fave!

  9. Congratulations to Raquel......well, to you too on getting you hair done....uhh...yea, why not!


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