Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Rednesday in the Kitchen

~Just a few photos of my red accents in my kitchen...I'm just a little obsessed~

I love the way these canisters create a red glow in the morning when I open my blinds

Everybody has a red hen...don't they?

The top of my kitchen hutch.
I also collect Black Americana.

Having red appliances makes me happy...

..but so do my polka dot fireking ware that I've been collecting for years

and for all you red fanatics out there....BEHOLD...

A Red ceiling...yup, when I asked the hubster to paint it questions asked, because he knows better than to second guess my red obsession and besides...he likes it.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Rednesday....I am

I'm Just Sayin'


  1. I enjoyed your blog and seeing all your pretty reds. You have a big selection. Everything looks very nice.

  2. CRIPE...serves me right...I was just busy writing out a comment about how I have gone back and forth looking at all the pics, than enlarging them, then of course obsessively going back to the red what do I do while I was typing..go back again to click on the pic..LOL..Than lost the whole darn comment I first wrote..oh get my drift..I LOVE THAT CEILING..and yes, if I was right beside you, I would be screaming it out loud..LOL

  3. Well, I do not have a red hen but if I see one as cute as yours I certainly may have one then. I love that canister set. I have never seen a red ceiling before but I gotta tell you...I like yours. Hugs

  4. I love my red stuff too- but my hen is a kind of celadon green glass microwave and coffee maker are red..and i keep looking for other stuff, too..
    I love the polka dot ware- so cool- reminds me of my misbegotten childhood in the 50's..

  5. Hey Bun, love, love, love the red ceiling. And those red glass containers. Gorgeous! Have a really rocking Rednesday! :) Tammy

  6. Great blog! Your ceiling is wonderful and so are those canisters. I am your newest follower.


  7. I do like the red ceiling. And you think its the canisters giving the room the red glow? LOL

  8. You have enough reds in your kitchen to keep me happy for a long, long time!


    “Oh, my goodness, oh, my dear!
    Don’t you think it’s very clear
    That a red-less day’s a drag?”
    Said Ms. Foxy Scarlet Hag.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lazy Days

  9. Miss Bunny, I just love your kitchen! I bet that red ceiling makes it feel so warm and cozy in there, and I can only imagine the glow coming from those jars in the morning. I especially love the Fire King bowls. I've been wanting one for years, but they've always been way too $$$. Congrats on having a great collection!
    Happy REDnesday,

  10. You must realy love RED :) Enjoy!
    I have my eye on a red microwave ownen by Hamilton Beach. I am waiting for my old one to stop working so I can get it. I am too much of "No Waste Green Women.

  11. I'm lusting over all your lovely red things Bunny (red is my favourite colour too, only I haven't got such lovely things!)

    That ceiling is certainly a statement, if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have thought it would work, but you've actually pulled it off!

  12. I have a lot of red in my kitchen, too. Love, love your ceiling and your Fire King and everything else!


  13. Okay, you win the prize for red obsessiveness - a red ceiling! I want one, too! I love your red hen - I was in Home Goods last weekend and Becky (13) made a bee-line to the blue/white hen just like yours. She picked it up and said, "I'm buying this". It proudly sits on her desk in her bedroom! (But, I really would like the red one)

  14. Hi Bunny, I don't have a red hen but perhaps I should rethink that! I do love your polka dots. Love your new header.

    xo, Bonnie


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