Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vacation Property

It's not like I live in the country or way out in the boon docks. I live in a suburb in Southern California, 25 miles South of Los Angeles in Orange County. Now mind you, I do live in a hilly community smack dab between a smallish mountain range and a creek which is a city term for a wash with lots of pine trees around it. Since we moved in, about 16 years ago, the hills around us have been filling up with new construction, therefore, the animals have been on the move and wandering more and more into the communities.

We have had mating ducks in our backyard (not a pretty sight I may add) hoards of squirrels besides my grandsons, a plethora of possums...yuk! and stinky skunks. A few month ago, I don't know why, but a particular skunk was wreaking havoc on the neighborhood and skunking anyone and everything in it's path. Seemed like you had to put on your gas mask when you left the house in the morning. And Coyotes everywhere!

But raccoons, those wascally creatures are particularly a pain in the ass. Every year we get a family who takes vacation in our yard. They are a bundle of fun to watch with all their acrobatics, but they cause lots of damage. And then the other night, Raquel and I saw this in our yard....a gigantic humongous lone raccoon...

So we slowly opened the sliding patio door to shoe it away and this is what it did...

He started to walk towards us as we screamed and ran back into the house. He wondered around the yard for awhile as if he was looking for vacation property and then he just plunked himself down and proceeded to clean himself. After about 30 minutes, he got his lazy ass up and started moving towards the trees. We came out again and threw rocks in his direction only to scare him ( he was eating the cats food) where he turned his head towards us, gave us the stink eye and moseyed over the neighbor fence. Can't wait for summer...that's when all the fun starts. I'm just Sayin'


  1. Man keeps building and the poor critters of the wild have no place to go.

    Major clean up over here today and believe me, with dust swirling round your head, there's no hanky panky of any sort going on. Ha! We literally had it coming in every crack and cranny. Not fun!

    Hope you are having a good one. Goodnite. Tammy

  2. We are overloaded with squirrels, deer and turkey. There is a spot between home and work that is skunk central and you can smell them every morn on the way in. Not very pleasant. Weve had coon issues with dog food before. They are scary smart.

  3. I think raccoons are so cute, they remind me of cats. And that little mask...eeee. But I know they can be bad-tempered, and I would not want to get into it with those teeth and claws!

    A couple years ago, we had one who chased the squirrels out of their nest and then laid around up there just like he was on vacation. He would lay on his back way up in the tree and look at us upside down. Then, one day he was gone, just as if vacation was over and it was time to go home.

  4. It's like that commercial where the lady thinks the racoon is her kitty, right? Isn't it awesome to know that there is still wildlife out there.


  5. Back when I lived in Vancouver, it was often a twice-weekly event for me to go out in the middle of the nighnt to 'rescue' my overly-brave cat from a couple of racoons..I took a big ol' yellow broom and proceeded to 'sweep' those critters far enough away from my hissing arching cat to grab him and put him in the house..then I'd have to close the bathroom window for the night so he wouldn't rush back outside and get into it again..more brawn than brains..I once saw one, sitting on the stairs to the upstairs suite, as big as a juvenile bear (he was SO big), munching on a big tomato he stole from our garden...I just let that one be..too large to tangle out for those big ones, they can be very mean, and ate local pets for snacks...

  6. Now you need to put up and owl box and you will totally be the talk of the town!

  7. Make that "an" owl box. I'm not sure why my fingers always want to type "and" when I mean "an". Sometimes they have a mind of their own!

  8. My sister and i live 200 miles apart and we were just recently talking about not seeing many...or any! racoons anymore. We both decided there's something wrong with that as they've always been plentiful both in my area where they're being chased out by construction and in her area which is at a quiet lake in the mountains.

  9. We do live in the woods and we have had it all. one night we hear a noise and there on the railing is a racoon swinging his leg eating out of the bird feeder. No more bird feeder. we haven't had a skunk which I am thankful for. Keep garbage and pet food inside it will help.

  10. Where in OC do you live? I was raised in Costa Mesa, and moved all around OC before I moved to Maui.

    I love the little raccoon! So cute..but I don't think my cats would appreciate them!


  11. Eeeeeeeeeek! I would have screamed and ran too!

    I am SO glad to be home! YIPPEEE!!!!!!


  12. BUNNY: Too much to explain, please read my blog. I want you to know what is happening to me. Remember I love you, Martha

  13. EEEEwwww, I'd be stayin' inside...a lot! Not too keen on that much nature up close. Thank you for the sweet words today at my speck o' the sphere. ~ Angela

  14. Loved your sweeet littl ecomment about perfection taking time! Totally made me smile!

    I would have been screaming right along with you girls!!! He sure was a big guy!

  15. How funny honey! I could just see you screaming and backing up. Believe me I am like Libbie and LuLu I too would of screamed. lol
    Just have not heard from you in a while and I of course have been awol so came by to say hello and to check on you.
    Love your new look
    and you

  16. It's awfully hard on our animal population, all this building. Raccoons are rather fearless! They just don't seem too intimidated by us mortals.


  17. Oh you crack me up. Only you could tell a story so well. I've missed coming to visit. I'm glad to know exactly where you live...always kinda wondered. I just did not know what part of Cali you are from. You're a southern California girl. Right?
    And don't you just love critters. We have a possum that comes to visit too.

  18. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    Great post!


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