Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm not PMSing.....I Pinkie Swear

Let me just start by telling you how much I HATE Wal~Mart. Yup, I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who will admit this....and while I'm coming clean, I will admit to...
Not liking IN N Out Burgers, New Car smell, Disliking Elvis with a passion and any board game whatsoever....WHEW!...OK, Now that that's off my chest I can get back to freakin' Wal~Mart.

Yes, I went there today...I didn't want to, I tried to think of another store that offered what I needed to get, but what store offers milk, band-aids, fruit and storage units...All under one roof?
First of all, when you are hired at the ripe old age of 75 to be a greeter, shouldn't you be greeting people with a smile? I'm really not trying to be sarcastic (although you know that's my M.O.) but the greeter looked at me, I smiled and she looked at me like she was constipated, I mean, come one, you work in Wal~Mart....go to the laxative aisle for gawd sakes. That's her job....smiling, saying hello and offering you a shopping cart...how hard could it be? It's not like she'sPMSing and even if she had a bad day (it was 11 am )...pretend smile...I do it all the time...even when I'm PMSing.

And all you people who seem to think that shopping in Wal~Mart is an amusement park for your unruly children....TAKE THEM TO THE PARK...OR LEAVE THEM AT HOME! I don't feel like scolding, yelling or tactfully teaching your children how to behave (although I have) out in public. And I certainly do not like it when little kidlets jump out at me from the center of a clothes rack.
And people...Answer your children when they say MOM for the umpteenth time....or I will.

And lastly, this is the main reason I balk at going into this store....It ALWAYS looks like a tornado hit it. Clothes strewn on the floor, clearance items in disarray and so on and so on...


There I go, cruising the parking lot and dodging slow walkers who have not a care in the world because THEIR the only person on the planet and their kids can't wait to attack the store.
I guess you can say I have a Love/Hate Relationship with Wal~Mart....I don't wanna go, but I'm drawn to it...like passing a car wreak I guess....I'm Just Sayin'


  1. tttttoooooo funny!!!


  2. Once in a blue moon, I'm forced to go. I feel the same way! I can't blame the greeter one bit for not smiling.

  3. I used to love WalMart but when they started downsizing the craft department, it wasn't so appealing to me anymore. The problem is not WalMart, it's everywhere. And it's not always the employees, it is the customers. Too many folks are not disciplining their children these days. I don't get the mentality of not being able to say no to your kids. Those same parents are going into stores, tearing through clothes and then tossing them down without a second thought. Do you know how many people here I see knock something down, look at it and walk away. I am right behind them, saying a few choice words with a smile and putting the item back where it belongs. Some people are so lazy these days and self-absorbed. Most of the drivers on the road here think they are the only one on the road with no regard for who is around them. A lot of folks need someone to smack them upside the head. A whole lot of smacking! :) Have a good one. Tammy

  4. Walmart I go in and out no shopping around just what I need. Then I see what some people find at walmart and feel like I have never been in the store. Our walmart is neat and clean but the kid thing I could go on for hours. I work in a used book store I have one mother who lets her little darling take all the books off the bottom shelves so she can have time to shop for books. and she just throws them back no order or anything. I just love to see her coming.
    what no board games I love board games there must be something wrong with you! ha just kidding love the post.

  5. LOL, I hate Walmart. Actually I think most folks do. While not Sanity friendly they are wallet friendly. So we march right in. It does have a bit of entertainment quality to it if you go on the right evening.

    But you are right folks have forgotten how to handle their kids there worst than most places.

  6. I avoid that Armpit of America at all costs. Every one I have been in has been filthy. I am sure they are not all that way but it's certainly not my cup of tea. Bleh!


  7. Aw poor Bunny! We don't have Wal-mart in the UK but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much!

    My personal peeve in shops is superfluous men in clothes shops. The ones that really don't want to be there, aren't even giving an opinion or anything, but their wives/gfs have made them go along anyway. They just clutter up the aisles lol!

  8. Bunny- know just how you feel- but those sorts of people are everywhere (I NEVER shop at MalWarts, don't like the way they treat their employees, but thsat's just me)
    Being almost 6 feet tall, I can be an 'imposing' figure when I want to, and those parents understand the ol' stink eye better than they pretend...and I'm happy to spread it around, when necessary
    I also say to myself, out loud, on purpose (for the edification of parents as well as my own patience) "Poor kids..." because we both know that it isn't a child's fault that they are born to ignorant breeders...

  9. Well of course you know I would come here to comment on this one...Customer Service Manager of Walmart that I am..LOL.

    I agree with having a smile from the greeter. It irritates me to no end also when I come in and get that look that you have mentioned. Yepper, I get the same look also..of course not from all greeters, just the one that is way past pms and should at least 'paint' a freakin smile on her face if it's too hard to smile. I always question why they keep that woman! I also agree though with Tammy's comment..some customers are just RUDE MEAN and VICIOUS...of course their kids would be out of control....The mess you talk about....girl, there are times I am busy folding the clothes and a customer is right beside me..and I truly believe,,PURPOSELY messing it up!! What the heck is up with that!!!! The children..well, like you, I DO reprimand them..hey I was a daycare provider for 20 years..it's in my bones. I can't tell you the times I've had parents, and grandparents tell me thank you after I have talked to the children..lol.

  10. Bunny, how the heck can you live without Elvis omg! One of his best but little known albums is Mahalo from Hawaii;YOU WILL LOVE IT! THE WHOLE THING, EVERY SONG! Trust me; ok then get it after you get back from Hawaii and you'll love it even more.
    Not even Monopoly or Clue or chess?
    I so agree with Artangel re why are there men shopping with their wives? is it possible the little woman doesn't drive...ladies, it's the single most important thing you can do for yourselves to be independent and free, believe me, learn to drive.
    Yes, i AM a know it all tonight!

  11. Bunny, I avoid Walmart at all costs for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. Thankfully, there is not a store near to me but on the very rare occasion I go there I always wish I hadn't.

    But, LISTEN, you don't like In n' Out Burgers - come on! I like my burger with grilled onions pls. I'm just sayin'!


  12. Bunny you are toooooooooooo funny! And I too have a LOVE/HATE affair with Walmart. Hubby sent me a video of "Wal Martians". It was so histerical I was howling while watching. I wish I had saved it to send to you. OMG the outfits those people had on!!!! Have a great week! HUGS!

  13. I love Walmart, but then again, I live on an island where we just don't have enough good stores to shop from. We have a Kmart, a Walmart and a Costco. That's it... No real shopping what so ever....


  14. Oh lady did you make me laugh! I too HATE Wal-mart! Yet, I find myself there every now and then. Love the bit about the constipated greeter! Holy Moly, I could just picture her, and believe me; it weren't purty! Slow walkers in the parking lot (that pretend that they don't even see you) is my hubby's biggest pet peeve! I know that I'll have a hard time gettin this image out of my head tonite! Thanks for the good laugh!


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