Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Wild Wild West

I'm baaack! And needless to say fun was had by all...all three of us. Just me, Brenda and Phoebe also known as the Pheblet. Phoebe is Brenda's new 9 week puppy that came along for the ride. Here she is in the lap of luxury (Brenda's) while I drive to Scottsdale. This girls getaway was scheduled a long time ago before Phoebe came to be so we had to take her with us. And although the Hilton is a very gracious and accommodating Hotel, we had to smuggle her in, which was hysterical. Brenda hid her in a very big tote bag and the poor phoebs head stuck out half the time. Phoebe is a Klee Kai puppy and a very spoiled one too, but If I had a baby, I'd do the same exact spoiling...

Lots and lots of Cactus to greet us along the way and the gorgeous Red Rock of Sedona....

For those of you who are not familiar to Sedona, it is kinda known for it's Spiritual and Tranquil feel. Apparently is sits in just the right Vortex...don't ask, I don't get it either, but there IS something about this place that calms and soothes. We were surrounded by this...

and this...

We even ate at the Love Cafe and dined on a Abby Hoffman Breakfast Bagel...Phoebe ate eggs too!

We made our way to Prescott, or as the locals call is...Preskit and I absolutely loved it...more my style. The best part about the city is the old town and the square. It literally had that Mayberry feel to it. It is monsoon season so it rained and stopped and rained and stopped...all the time the sun shining through. We strolled in and out of Antique stores and ended up in an authentic bar/saloon from 1864. We also ran into some characters from that era too.

Me and Teddy Roosevelt in the town square

This is called Flash Street Theater. Who knew I had to leave Cali to see

All in all, we had a great time .Coming home we hit thunder and lighting storms, dust storms and 100+ degree temps, but us 3 gals stuck it out like My next adventure, Hawaii in 2 1/2 weeks....I'm excited...I'm Just Sayin'


  1. Now Hawaii??? Girl, you got it goin' on and on and on...

    That dog is adorable!

  2. I love that pic of Phoebe with her tongue hanging out lol!

    What a gorgeous place, never mind you need to go to the UK, I want to go there and eat in the Love Cafe (house swap??)

    Can't wait to see your photos from Hawaii -or you could just bring me with you and I'll take my own...? ;)

  3. Dang girl! You are becoming a nomad with all your travelling! :) Sedona is a beautiful place! I have no doubt you three had a fantabulous time. welcome back, for now! Best wishes, Tammy

  4. What beautiful scenery!and lucky you you got some fun in and are looking forward to more in a couple of weeks!

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    The cactus looks hungry

  6. Do you have room in your suitcase?

    Glad you girls had a great time!!


  7. Sounds like a great trip, bunny!
    See- an empty nest is also an adventure waitin' to happen..and that little tagalong puppy is too cute (especially, like all little ones, when she's asleep!)

  8. How fun was all that! Oh how I need a vacation!


  9. That looked like so much fun and next stop Hawaii, you lucky girl. Love, love Hawaii so much, hope you have a wonderful trip.

  10. Bunny honey I so miss you! Love your new look too. Really cute!
    So happy for you making such wonderful trips.
    Love these pictures and can not wait to see the ones from Hawaii.
    Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me such a sweet comment about my job loss.
    It has been a rough two weeks trying to let it all soak in. Scary as hell but it will be ok with friends like you
    Love ya

  11. That puppy is just adorable..oh my goodness I'm in love.


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