Saturday, May 23, 2009

Animal Cookies in my Mouth....

Did you sing it? Ya know, the title of this blog entry. Shirley Temple's song "Animal Crackers in my Soup"...that one, because every time I eat these beautiful little gems, foods of the gods and my reason for living, I sing this song. Sometimes out loud, but most times in my head, because I don't really want anyone to think I'm crazy or even a little obsessed with these morsels of mouth watering treats of confectionery delights.

I try to stay away. I really do. I don't even walk down the cookie aisle at the market because I'm afraid they will call out to me in that hushed hypnotic voice that only I can hear and I will be hypnotized and the clerks will find me in a sugar coma with pink and white frosting slowly running down my mouth, slouched under the display of "let's eat a balance meal" sign advertising healthy families.

Raquel had a few friends over for a bon fire and one of her friends Nicole brought cookies. I bet you already know what I'm going to say. Well, yep she did. They were that kind. Seems the sweet rush of sugary seduction got to her too. But no....she said she brought them for me because her mother( supposedly my friend) told her that they were my favorite and that it would be rude to show up with nothing.

I guess the stars were lined up perfectly and the moon was in the 7th house or something like that because I just had this conversation earlier in the day at the market when Raquel asked me if we could buy cookies for the evening. I told her sure, but you go get them...I don't want to hear the voices, but it didn't matter, they got to me later in the evening, when they were sitting on top of the patio table and I saw it, I saw the glistening of the shiny wax outer container under the illumination of the patio light, the pink and white images mesmerizing me and beckon me outside and I'm not sure but I think they actually winked at me too.

But it's OK....I'm at home and if I pass out from the pure joy of eating the most delicious, enticing and talented (they talk) cookie on the planet, then it was meant to be.....I'm just say'n.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2009

    You start writing the lyrics of Aquarius...WOW mom! But I still love it. Now I know where I get my writing skills from (that was a compliment)

  2. I would have eaten the whole bag myself :)

    Sorry you had trouble posting to my Blog. Blogger is having some issues so let me know if you have trouble again and I will send them a "Nasty Gram" *laughing* I think your comments posted finally....thank you so much for visiting. I sent you an email yesterday but was afraid it might not have gotten through since we lost power yesterday during a storm...*sigh*

    Come visit again when you can!


    p.s. I LOVE TMZ!!!!


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