Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buzz Word

I came home from the market (yep, I forgot the green bags again) and my house was all a buzz.
Literally, we were attacked by bees and they made a nest in our lemon tree. Well, knock me over with a feather. I have never seen any thing like that...ever. By the time I had come home with groceries in hand, Eric had called the Bee people. Yeah, I know...bee people? Who knew? They wanted $195.00 to come out and get rid of the hive. I said "No way, I'm not paying someone that kind of money to get rid of bees....there has to be another way", in which Eric replied "like what"?
Well I got this ingenious idea to throw something at them so that they would all fly away and never come back. Ok, Eric grabs a lemon from the kitchen and chucks it at the hive and runs back into the kitchen. The lemon hits the hive and the bees are in turmoil and attacking the lemon. Little by little, they fly back to the spot on the lemon tree branch and just hang there. We are watching this bee drama from the safety of the breakfast nook that looks out towards the tree and we are safe and quite brave at this point. It didn't work. He chucks another lemon at the hive and again same scenario. Raquel pipes in...."maybe we need a bigger object" to throw. She goes and gets a soccer ball and Eric proceeds to toss it, and again, those damn bees organize themselves back on the branch. Did you know that the Queen bee chooses where the hive will be and all the other bees follow and they just layer themselves onto the Queen and just hang. When the Queen bee doesn't like it there anymore she leaves and everyone follows. Let's just say....she liked it here.

So now I gotta go and take Raquel and her friends to a Korean community (a whole other blog)
and the bees won't leave.......TO BEE CONTINUED.....ha, ha,ha!

I'm back and now and it's 4 hours later. While we were gone, Eric had done some bee research, called around and went to Lowe's to pick up some poison bee spray. Apparently, the queen liked our backyard and decided to stay. One of the reasons they layer themselves is to stay warm, so they were planted. Eric is going to spray them later on in the evening when it's cooler and there is less activity and they are less prone to take off. I take the girls home, we go to dinner (Chinese) get back and Eric is chewing at the bit to annihilate the bees. Raquel and I position ourselves at the famous window and ready ourselves for the "Bee vs Eric Show". He's sneaking ninja style up to said tree, he focuses on his opponent, shakes his can, aims and fires. BEE CHAOS...loud buzzing and then......... stunned silence.

He runs into the house into the kitchen where we are sitting and with heavy breath begins to give us a blow by blow of what happened... "We know we know"....we say. We gingerly make our way outside where we come upon dead or dying bees everywhere. It is getting dark now and we can't see the branch, so Raquel grabs a flashlight and hands it over to Eric and he cautiously walks up to the tree. It's over.There is a pile of dead bees under the tree and a mass of bee stuff connected to the branch. Tomorrow he will clean up and I suppose tell the "bee story" at work on Monday. So now, not only is my husband a bird killer, he is a killer of bees, but the one thing that stick out in my mind is....we saved $191.00.....I'm just say'n


  1. That is one brave man you have there. I like how you refused to spend the money but he had to sacrafice his life....thats how it would be in my house too! You can buy a lot with $191!

  2. Bees hate smoke could got a couple of big fat doobies...oh wait! YOU don't do that!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Thank heavens no one got stung!


  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    That's amazing! Eric is very brave...and a little crazy! I thought he was smart enough not to ever listen to my hair-brained ideas. But hey, it actually worked!
    --the brother-in-law (aka "Nino")


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