Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Which Witch is it?

Last night I casually told my husband Eric that I had an appointment with Emily, my hair gal. Right away I knew what he was gonna say, because we've been through this before, many times. He tells me, "Why, your hair is fine, and then I say, "my gray is coming out and I don't want to look like a witch, in which he always replies, "Oh, you won't, just let it grow out, your always complaining about the hassle". Well, he's right, I always complain when it's time to have my hair done. I've been doing it for years and every year I probably complain more due to the fact that my hair is getting grayer and grayer. I didn't know this was gonna happen. One day I was bored at the age of 16, colored my hair and and that's all she wrote. I wasn't concerned about 37 years down the road. I think I know why Eric tells me this. I think he thinks I'll look like this...

but he doesn't realize that I would look like this...

I know that he would love me either way, seriously, but why take a chance? We'll just keep playing our little game and I'll let him keep thinking that at some point there is a sexy witch inside of me. Do hair dressers go to nursing homes? They better!


  1. I think Emily will make n exception for you and go to your nursing home!

  2. Samantha Stevens was a witch too.... I see you more as Sabrina, her naughty cousin! :)

  3. BUN-NAY!! Yes I never started a facebook account so I am glad you started this. It was good to hear from you! Still making me laugh after all these years. : ) How are the grandkids?


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