Monday, October 19, 2009

18 Reasons

Today, 18 years ago is when the magic began, yep, it's our
and good luck has it that this week I'm very much in love with my husband. We met when he walked into my office and started chatting me up. I was going on vacation in 2 days and I bet him that there were no black sand beached in Hawaii. While in Hawaii, I sent him a post card bragging about how I won the bet. The day I came back to work he called me and asked me out and the rest magic!

Here are 18 reasons why I married Eric or things about him that impressed me. Some of them may appear to be superficial and all of them still ring true today.....(see, I told you I was in love today) By the way, I was gonna make it 19, ya know, one to grow on, but I think we're done growing.

1. He always ordered DESSERT when we went out to dinner and would share. Gotta love a man who shares his Chocolate MUD PIE

2. He talked about his family with love and respect.

3. He did and still does household chores and doesn't have to ask me what to do...he just does them because they need to be done.

4. He can fix or rEpAiR anything and when I say anything I mean it.

5. He speaks 2 and a half languages. English, German and a lot of Spanish from working with Spanish speaking men on job sites. He can cuss in all three languages too, including Croatian...don't ask.

6. He is very sTaBle. There is no drama and there are no issues. He doesn't play mind games unlike my family, "The Grand Champions of 1970-1982"...I found this new concept intriguing.

7. He serenaded me with his guitar and beautiful voice while we were dating. Have you ever seen old Ricky Nelson videos were he is on stage and he has that dreamboat look in his eyes and the girls would swoon? Well, I didn't really swoon, OK, maybe once, but I was impressed and he did have that dreamy look in his eyes.

8. He loves cats. Not that many men even like to be around cats, but he does. That was a big plus for me since I've always owned them...and my cats live a long long time.

9. He is prudent with his money, but he will buy the best if need be. He rarely spends money foolishly, invest and saves and once in a while will splurge. We have never had an argument over money, over many other things, but never money.

10. Loves and accepted my daughter Meredith. Who would marry a women with a 9 year old moody and drama driven daughter is beyond me, but he did.

11. He gives me neck and shoulder massages and I don't even have to ask...he just does it.

12. He is a very nosy person. He denies it. He says he's curious and inquisitive...he's nosy...I should know, so am I.

13. He loves to demolish and rebuild things. Doesn't matter what it is, from something small to something large. His family is like that. One day and (I'm not exaggerating), all of us were sitting in his parents back yard and his parents were lamenting about how they needed a new patio cover. Eric said "Well, let's put one up, it shouldn't take that long"...and they did, the next day. I like to tell people that I married into an Amish family.

14. He recognized his inner child. For someone who is so stable and practical I am amazed how silly and uninhibited and fun this man can get. You would be shocked if I told you some of the stuff this man has done.

15. Which kinda leads into this next reason. We have the same dEmEnteD sense of humor. Enough said!

16. He gets me. He understands the inner workings of bunny and that could be quite a challenge. He says he married me because I'm entertaining.

17. We agree on every single "moral" issue. We talk about everything from gay marriage to legalizing marijuana , to stem cell research and back to any other controversial issues....We are one....other stuff is iffy.

18. The last and probably the most impressive thing about him when we met was....I was at his home one day and for whatever reason ( see #12) I opened up one of his cabinets in the kitchen. I saw 7, yes 7, I counted, boxes of cereal on the shelf....and they were all open. OHMYGOSH! In my home growing up, my father did the grocery shopping and we had a choice..Frosted Flakes or Cap'n Crunch..and we could only open one, finish it, then open the other. So, you can imagine how impressed I was.

October 19, 1991 the way, we still look like this today...minus the hair, add a few more lbs and assorted wrinkles. And thank you very much, Eric and I live very happily in our little state of denial.


  1. HA! What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary. Eric (also my brother's name) sounds like a great guy! Tomorrow is our 15th anniversary - but my post will be nothing like this. :) Wishing you many more! Go hug a tree! Tammy

  2. Bunny, I just read your anniversary post & it was sooooooooo sweet! You were brave to post the photo... my "Honey" & I did the annv. thing this weekend too. But, ours was 39 years & there was no freaking way I pulling out those phtos. Hee Hee. Your Halloween stuff is cute all over your blog too. Such a fun time to play with all this stuff. Have a great week & come see me soon.

  3. OMG this is so sweet! I think this is the best. Does he know you posted this? You should give this to him as an anniversary gift.
    You have inspired me to think about what it is I love about my husband. Ours is coming up.
    Your photo is lovely.


  4. Love it Bun. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! I was actually gonna text you today but got distracted with the dumb phones at work. You got a real winner in Eric, God blessed you big time and that goes for him too. I know he knows that, he's a smart guy.

    May you have many, many more together.

  5. Hey! It's not your birthday....sorry 'bout that. Guess I got excited. Next month.

  6. Oh Bunny, this was wonderful and I'm SO happy you found the man of your dreams!! He really sounds fabulous and you're SOOOO fortunate!!
    ♫Happy Anniversary♫ and here's to many, many more happy years together!!♥

    (Shhh... I'm supposed to be preparing but just had to stop by so mums the word) ;-)

  7. Happy anniversary my dear friend. What a beautiful post. It made me feel very sentimental. Blessings, Martha

  8. your beautiful post almost makes me want to beat myself up with a baseball bat for my sarcastic post about my hubby who never has a plan. you sound like you got a real good guy there Bunny ... helps around the house? that's enough to make he hate you right there! lucky!!!!!

  9. Hi Bunny....

    I've had a great time visiting you....I love your sense of humor. It does make life so much more entertaining, doesn't it?

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!



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