Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am a people person. I always have been, but sometimes people just hit a nerve with me So, having said that, I think once in a while I'm gonna write about my pet peeves. I'm not gonna go on and on, I'm just gonna mention it in the hopes of someone I don't know will stumble on to this blog and think twice before they do that dumb thing I'm ranting about. There aren't that many so it's not like I gonna constantly write about them. So here goes...

Not pulling over when there is an ambulance, fire engine,police, paramedic or anyone that could virtually save a life. Come on people....move it! When did people stop doing this? When I hear or see a vehicle like the above mentioned....I pull over. It's that easy! It is a life and death situation and how would you feel if it was your loved one inside an ambulance or a fire engine on it's way to your home? Think about it. Have we gotten so self centered that we can't think beyond ourselves? Do we not care? Are we so wrapped up in our lives that we no longer think of others and try to do the right thing? Are we in such a hurry that pulling over for 20 seconds can throw our busy lives into a spiral? Next time....pull over. I would do it for you. I'm just say'n!


  1. I could go on and on about my pet peeves. I have to deal with them every day. My biggest is trash -- people here throw it all over the place. We have street cleaners and because of that, people think they can just toss stuff out their windows, open things and throw them on the ground. Ugh! I just hate, hate, hate it and want to squeeze heads when I see it happen. As for pulling over for emergency vehicles, that ain't happening here! I still follow the road rules I was taught some 30 years ago. There's no driver's ed in this country -- the rate of accidents is high. No wonder! Thanks for visiting me again today. All the best, Tammy

  2. Just happens to be one of mine too! Say it loud sista!


  3. Hi Bunny,
    Thanks for entering my little blog giveaway!

    I think people have gotten soooo self centered that they do not know what is going on outside there little world. They are probably on the cell phone with the radio or cd blarring and don't even hear the ambulance coming.
    But you are right it is so rude! one of my pet peeves too.



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