Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween memories...

The candle in the Jack 'o lantern has gone out. All the candy has been doled out and the kids have gone home, dumped they're treasure on the floor and properly divided the good from the bad.
Another Halloween has come and gone and I will be taking down the decorations and substituting them for Autumn. Time to look forward towards the holidays with anticipation and joy but still remembering the lingering memory of herding squirrels... in the dark... down the street... hyped up on candy. My grandsons...

Batman Squirrel, Ninja Squirrel and Boba Fett Squirrel...they look harmless don't they? HA!


  1. What a bunch of cuties! I love the new look of your blog. Very Autumness. I tried to change mine last nite but takes work for the header and nothing else matched what I already have there so will try this week to get it done. Internet traffic is so bad on the weekends so it has been hard to post lately. Hope you are having a great Sunday! :) Tammy

  2. They are sooo adorable - bet no-one could resist giving them treats! My son had a very similar Batman costume when he was little - takes me back lol! Loving the autumnal look too - these colours and images are beautiful!

  3. These are great memories...I missed school this Friday, but every year, we have our "autumn party" and everyone gets dressed up, even our principle, who in my opinion, is fearless. His best costume to date is that of a pencil. It was hilarious! Now, we can concentrate on Christmas!! This is going to be fun. Have a great day Bunny! Anita P.S. I love your new background!!

  4. What a wonderful posting and the squirrels are ADORABLE. I always laugh myself silly when you talk about "herding squirrels"...LOL

    I love your new background and header!

    Happy Sunday my sweet friend!

  5. Bunny, thanks for stopping by to visit. Those "squirrels" don't fool me!!!!! I have some just like em! Hee Hee isn't it fun to hype them up on sugar & send them home? LOVE IT!!!!

  6. They are the cutest bunch of squirrels I've ever seen! Wish I had some. Halloween is so much more fun with little ones.
    Hope you had a great it's in the history books. teehee.

  7. Bun, Where do yo find the time to update your background so often? I'm fighting to get time at the computer and your redesigning yours! It looks great and I'm totally envious. Keep up the great work.

    Hope your feeling well.

  8. They're absolutely precious!!!♥

  9. PS. Love your new hamster - too cute!!

  10. Hi Bunny: Thanks for the hint on the cottage cheese. I will start doing that. What I need to do is lose weight. I am being a good girl and at long last I made an appointment to see the doctor. I hate going there. Still praying, almost there. Blessings, Martha

  11. Hey Bunny--they look adorable!!! Hope you had a great Halloween weekend girlie...I look forward to your posts and comments. You need to post more! You crack me up! Have a great day! Kori xoxo

  12. Love the new look! And Chris Botti IS a fave!!!!

    Check out this blog, I think you'll like it.



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