Saturday, October 3, 2009


Since I don't own anything Pink and it's Saturday, I thought I would put up some very cool pink images...

Sharon...This ones for you~

I actually have these shoes, but in brown and I never wear them because I seldom wear heels anymore...

Yes....this is real. Pink Dolphins do exist, rare, but yes they do...

I will be expecting these in 16 days...

I enjoy a good Pink Panther movie...good times!

Pink Christmas tree and pink polka dots....Love it!


  1. Ah, yes. Do I feel a birthday coming up?

  2. Pink dolphins? I guess you learn something new everyday.

  3. Is your birthday this month? This is a busy month around here. Yusef's birthday is today. I need to post that! Zack's birthday is the 26th. Our anniversary is the 20th. Many friends have a birthday this month. I don't know what kind of flowers we have here --but they grow quite well all year long so they are definitely hardy plants! Wishing you a lovely day! :) Tammy

  4. Oh Bunny! Thanks for stopping by and HECK YA I've purchased many a trinket, antique, ribbon, glittered thing, the list goes on!!!! Hey, I love your pink post and that dolphin is too cute. I need to research them! Have a great, great day! Anita

  5. Oh Bunny this is fabulous!! You're such a darling and I'm smiling from ear to ear!! ;-)

    Now about those pink dolphins... I've actually seen them in person. I'll spare you the technical blah-blah and just say they live in Brazil where the Amazon and Black River meet - very cool!

    Can't wait for the big day (16 away) and personally I think you should wear those fab shoes then!!

    Many thanks sweet island friend and HUGE HUGS!! You always keep me smiling!!♥

  6. Our 15th anniversary is on the 20th. Many of you have asked about how we met and I wound up in Kuwait -- so I thought I would wait until then to tell the story, short and sweet! :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

  7. Bunny: I am guessing you have a birthday coming up. I am shocked that you do not have anything pink. Perhaps, if you make a wish, you will get something pink for your birthday. I love the pink dolphins. Who would have thought? Blessings my dear friend. Martha


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