Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm taking a little break...the Gall

I will be out of commission for a few days. I am having my gallbladder removed tomorrow. I'm not really telling you this because I want sympathy...OK, maybe a little and I haven't told that many people because I don't want to hear all the horror stories...You know, like when your pregnant for the first time and everyone and their mother starts to tell you all the ugly details...kinda like that. I know it's just a human reaction to relay a gallbladder story to me and I know peoples intentions are good, but I'm a big chicken and I'd rather have my head in the sand. It's a 45 minute out patient procedure and I do like me some drugs and besides being a big chicken, it's the waiting part that gets me. Wait for the scheduling of said operation, waiting 3 weeks for the day, waiting for pre op lab testing and finally, waiting 3 hours ahead in the hospital. Don't these people know I hate to wait? I want everything done yesterday, just like everything in my life. And I don't like being under...I know, it's a control thing, I admit it, but if I'm not in control I'm out of my element. I'd like to say that this is my way of getting out of having Thanksgiving dinner at my house, but sadly no. So, there it is. I know everything will be alright but if you have a little extra room for an extra prayer, good thoughts, good karma, good mojo and warm and fuzzy thoughts...send them my way and I promise I will return shortly. Don't forget
about me and I'll write something juicy ....maybe about my surgeon...seriously, he's extremely handsome...yikes!

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  1. Sending a prayer, but please try not to'll do just fine.
    Wear a walkman to the appointment and keep it blasting until they force you to take it off!


    Good luck,

  2. I will be praying all day. Love, Martha

  3. Dear, dear Bunny!
    Girl you and me are both "chickens" I am with you. I will be praying for you. Think of all the lovely, beautiful things you love...that is the only thing that gets me through the waiting period. WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Anita

  4. Good luck Bun! Sending "happy thoughts" your way (that is what they do at Grant's preschool when someone is sick :) Just in the past year I have known 3 people that have had their gallbladder removed and they felt so much better afterward! I hope the same for you! I like Brendas idea...blast that music!

  5. So sorry your having surgery. I hope everything goes well and that your back to blogging soon. Take care of yourself.

  6. Did I mention that I love how you advertised my giveway. Toooooo funny. Love it.
    Thanks for doing this for me.
    I wish you a speed recovery

  7. Frustrating! I sent a comment and it didn't post. ANYWAY, DON'T WORRY! Everything will be fine. In my previous post (that didn't post) I said to enjoy the pain meds and let me have any leftovers!


  8. I'll talk to you soon Bun. You'll see, you'll wonder why you ever worried.

    Hugs and a kiss(Don't wanna over do it):~)

  9. OH RATS!! Now I'm kicking myself for not getting around to your blog yesterday, ugh!! I just had my gallbladder out in April and it's a breeze. I know, I know, I'm a total woose too and I HATE pain, ugh!!

    Just hang in there (wish I was there with you) and you'll feel much better very soon. Sending loads of virtual hugs, flowers and chocolates!!♥♥♥

  10. My prayers and thoughts will be with you for sure! Good luck and take it easy. Don't stress. It will be fine. I don't have a story to tell so you are safe here. Please let us know how it turns out. OK! And will see you when you feel better.
    Hugs and lots of good mojo your way!

  11. I tried to post yesterday too but my comment doesn't seem to be here. I'm always thinking of you with warm fuzzy thoughts and wishing you all the best, Bunny. Thinking of you today and keeping you in my prayers that all is well and you will be back soon to tell us how you are doing. Blessings, :) Tammy

  12. Bun-Bun~
    I will be praying for your quick recovery. You will be dearly missed!

    Love you!

  13. Bunny its me again. I hope your okay and recovering well.
    Just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my site
    Take care of you


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