Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pick a little, talk a little....

As I was tidying up the patio this morning, I noticed the neighbors rose bush. A portion of it was hanging over the wall into our yard. I took this as an invitation and I accepted. I cut a bunch loose from the plant, cleaned it up and put it in a vase. I then set it on a coffee table in my living room which is very monochromatic with touches of red...

I think it fits very well...

Thanks Neighbor!

And while I had the inclination...I picked some lavender from my front yard too! Being that the weather here is kinda crazy, my lavender bushes will bloom on and off all year long. I pick bunches, let them dry and put them in various rooms and let their faint aroma fill the air.

Happy Picking!


  1. Hey Bunny! Technically its not stealing if they are hanging in your yard, right? LOL. Thanks for the comments on my Liz Taylor post. I love when you visit. Have a great Sunday! Kori xoxo

  2. Listen Bun, the Ezree's were supplied year round by fruit from our trees. They hung on to the same reasoning. I say, go for it!


  3. What a lovely blessing from Mother Nature! The roses are lovely and hey, they were calling to you, making their way to you, begging to be cut! They look great in your living room. Lovely lavender too. I repotted all that we bought the other day for our bedroom balcony. I don't think the green pepper plants are gonna do so well, but hopefully the tomatoes will take off as well as they did last year. Wishing you a wonderful week! :) Tammy

  4. Good morning, Bunny! Those roses are just gorgeous, and the absolute favorite! How lucky you are to have flowers now at this time of the year; it is purely give and take. Here, no more flowers, but we are having such a lovely fall and then there is the snow, which makes things so magical. I hope you have a wonderful week!! Anita

  5. Beautiful!
    I cannot grow lavender in my neck of the woods....I'm so jealous. I have such crazy soil.
    If the flowers are in your's ok to pick 'em.
    I'm loving all your photos of the bedrooms, especially that shabby chic one.
    I tried to reply to your last comment on my blog....but it was a no reply email. I guess I don't have your email addy any more.
    Could you send me your email. Please!

  6. Oooooooo, so lovely!

    I love all the pics down your sidebar, especially the white bed with the dark walls. I just painted my bedroom walls a deep chocolate brown with crisp white trim and my new bedroom furniture is all white and it looks wonderful!

    Love to you!

  7. Those roses are gorgeous and I LOVE lavender!! How fortunate it blooms through out the year there!♥

  8. Awwwww, how purdy! I love flowers by my kitty-kat likes to eat them!


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