Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am here...

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well all worked. I'm slower and cold most of the time now and working my way day by day to full the meantime, this is my routine....sitting with a pile of blankets, the remote and my teddy bear. Why a teddy bear? He helps me to cough, sneeze and laugh which is an ordeal. That's it...I'm tired and I will visit you all soon and be up to blogging when I can. Love to all!


  1. What a great chair to relax in! Take care!

  2. Are you sure you're comfortable? HA! Looks like a great chair to relax in. I am glad to know that you are on the mend. Take care and keep teddy close to help you through. Best wishes honey bunny! :) Tammy

  3. BUNNY WABBIT! Rest up, enjoy, them drugs, you'll be good as new in a week or two.


  4. Bless your heart! But you do look comfy in that wonderful chair. I do hope you are up and around and blogging soon.
    Take care

  5. Room for one more? I'm not under the weather but it sure looks comfy. Feel better.


  6. Dearest Bunny! You look gorgeous, in spite of having had the look the same from way back when when we were just kids! I HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON!!! Anita

  7. Hey Bun...Looking Good! I have the same outfit goingg, minus the Teddy. When I have to cough, I'll grab a dog..LOL.

    Rest and get better!!!

  8. Awe, look at you... you're SO darling!! I'm glad you have your teddy and you're doing ok - hang in there sweet one!♥♥


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