Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's in a name?

The other day, my friend Yvette and I were walking out to the parking lot after work and for some reason we got on the subject of names and nicknames. She told me that family members call her Vetty and that she didn't like it. She asked them to stop calling her that, but they never did. In return, I told her that my nickname was bunny, but it was more of a real name to me and that the only people that call me Victoria were the people at work and my ex-husband and he called me Vickie. Well that was the funniest thing she had ever heard and she just laughed and laughed and said you are sooo not a bunny...you are more of a Victoria. I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed a little, hopped in my car and started the drive home.

Then I started to think... Why don't I look like a bunny, it's my name for god sakes and what does a Victoria look like? Don't most people have nicknames? Usually given from birth or childhood and probably an interpretation of the original name. The
story goes...My father used to call me Honey Bunny Bucket as an endearing term, but when my mother found out that a "honey bucket" was the actual bucket solders used to empty the out houses, it was changed to"honey bunny" and then bunny. It's fine. It was fine then and it's fine now. This name has produced some interesting reactions like...as I said before, my ex-husband refused to call me bunny because he said that bunny reminded him of a party girl (little did he know)and proceeded to call me Vickie...who was that? After being hired in a Dr. office, one of the Doctors asked me did I have any nicknames and what would I like to be called. I think he was thinking I'd say Vickie or something like that, so when I said Bunny, he turned red, giggled a little and proclaimed out loud, how am I gonna explain your name to my wife? In my mind I'm thinking, this is a doctors office right, cuz if I'm at the Hefners mansion I can't find the love grotto...give me a break! My in-laws who are Austrian and have a little trouble with the English language, could not for the life of me say my name. It used to come out Bonnie. Their better now...it only took 20 years. Children have thought I was the actual Easter bunny too..how cool is that? I have been called, bunz, bunola, grunz, grunola, bunster, bun (the most popular) bunion, bunners, bunmeister and several other over the years, all of which I don't mind..I kinda like it. And why do I like it....because it's my name. I don't mind calling you all by your nicknames....Bedgie, Leenie, meej, Cyn,Torrie, Rocky so on and so forth. If you all didn't like it, you would of told me or let it be known. Nicknames are who we are and they are where we come from and there is always a story behind it. It's what makes us unique.

When I got home , I pulled my car into the garage, shut off the engine and texted Yvette. I wrote...."Your just jealous, cuz you don't have a bitchen animal nickname...I'm just say'in!


  1. You are right, they are just jealous! You look like a Bunny to me. It fits you perfect. Been praying, I am with you. Hugs, Martha

  2. Of all the different takes on your name you didn't mention Bunny Wabbit. how come? you don't like it? I think it's adorable and it's MY name for you!

  3. Bun, thanks for the love re my post about my husband thinking I'm a big ol hater. IT is that time of month for me so I have a reason for all the negativity.


  4. Hi Bunny! I often wondered how you got the nickname. Quite some history behind it as it turns out. Very interesting! My dad called me "T" when I was growing up. In New Orleans, a friend called me Tappin' Tammy Tutu (I used to tap my feet on the plastic beneath my desk when I would type and the faster I typed, the faster my feet would tap.) HA! She shortened it to Tammy Tutu. Some here have called me Tequila Mama (no explanation needed). My husband now calls me "Griswold" which is actually the last name of my ex-husband which I kept when we got divorced. Everyone asks why he calls me "Griswold." It's kinda funny but he's always done it. My maiden name is actually McNair. You are definitely a Bunny! Victoria just seems so proper. Have a great day hunny bunny! :) Griswold, T, Tammy Tutu .. or just plain Tammy

  5. Okay, so I got your nickname story wrong. How could I, I've only known you for 30 years! Not only that, I've heard the story on numerous occasions. Ahhh, fo.ged.it.

    Bunny fits you just fine, if you ask me. I've never seen you as Victoria or Vicky or any thing but Bunny. You know I'd tell you if I thought so.

    From one who knows,

  6. That was so cool...getting to know how you came to be Bunny. I just remember you and my cousin hanging out and thinking you were all so cool. I sure enjoy your posts, Bunny! Anita

  7. Gawd you're SO cute!! Ah, it doesn't matter what your name is you'd still be the fabulous you that you are!! ;-)

  8. Bun Bun! You will always be a Bunny to me!

    Love to you dear friend,

  9. I LOVE your BANNER! Did you do that? Also, love the fact that your blog opens with Michael B singing HOME which is my favorite song! Have a great day!

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my site and the sweet comment.
    I love your site too.
    Hope you joined the giveaway.

  11. I was wondering if your real name was Bunny! lol! Well if it fits and you like it then so be it. I've had a million nicknames too.I wont list them. Charlie has been my favorite but my family will not use it. Happy to have my blog friends call me by my fav. because I always hated the name Charlotte. Funny isn't it???

  12. I understand... perfectly!

    I don't think my husband ever liked my real first name so he used my middle name, Jean. I guess that was just a little bit too plain for him, so he started calling me Jeanie Weinie. That got to be a bit embarassing out in public...

    Then years later it morphed into Bunny Jean, then Hunny Bunny. Now it is just Bunny. Only he calls me by that name.

    When I started my job at Ethan Allen they asked me if I had a nick name that I might prefer to use. I thought that Bunny would be different enough for people to remember and therefore give me lots of repeat clients asking for me. Well... I have to admit I felt a bit silly the first time I heard "Bunny" called over the intercom. Then there were the times I had to clearify that it is Bunny, not Bonnie. So I went back to my real name... within hours.

    I really liked thinking of myself as a Bunny, so when left Ethan Allen and started my online design business I brought it back. First it was BunnyJeans Design. Then when I stopped the design business it became Bunny Jeans Decor... and more.

    I bet you can guess how I found you. I was reading "Just Between You and Me" and saw that grandmayellowhair follows you, or visa versa.

    I just had to include you as someone I follow... besides I just read a few of you posts and I like what I see!

  13. Okay... so how do I follow you? I clicked on both follow buttons and then LOOKED everywhere but I just can't find how to follow you.

    Silly Wabbit... found it WAY up at the top in the blogger bar :-)


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