Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm waiting and waiting and waiting....

So last Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with my doctor. I call him my bum doctor because he's the one that gave me my Colonoscopy and sense we are on intimate terms...I thought it suited him. My friend Cathy who is a Intensive Care nurse told me, Oh we don't call them that, we call those doctors the Bootylicous Doctors. Somehow, that term of endearment just doenst roll off my tongue...Anyways, I go to my 4 O'clock appointment and I'm there about 10 minutes early. I walk in and every single chair is full, plus, 3 people are standing. The room is small and there are no windows to the outside. I sign in and find a corner. I am forced to watch "Health TV" again I am forced to hear about erectile dysfunction....Oh man, come on, where's the segment on cooking squash? That's way more interesting to me. I'm standing and standing and finally a chair opens up and I sit down. It is now 4:35 and I'm getting antsy. Finally they call me up to the is now 4:55ish. I ask how much longer because there are 10 people ahead of me (i counted) and I don't think I can handle it...I'm a little claustrophobic. She peers her head out her little window to look at all the people like it's the first time she heard that,then looks back behind her at a clock then tells me I'm gonna guess about 30 to 40 minutes.

Well, that's all I needed to hear. There's no way I'm gonna sit there that long for a follow up that I already know the results to and listen to "Health TV' again. I tell her 'I'm sorry, I can't stay, when is your next appointment", she tells me Thursday at 2:20 and you'll be his first patient when he come back from the hospital. Great...let's do it I say and I'm otta here!

Again, I'm there on Thursday about 10 minutes early. I walk in and there are 4 people sitting there. Hey! I'm suppose to be first here! I sign in and ask the girl (it's a different girl) if I was his first appointment, she gives me a strange look and says "No, there are about 4 people ahead
of won't be long. I sit and wait and is now 2:40 and she calls me up to the window to pay. They call me back pretty fast at that point and steer me into an exam room ....where I wait and I'm not kidding, 40 excruciating minutes. At 3:30ish the bum doctor moseys into the room, says hello, opens my file and tells me everything seems to be OK with a couple of minor issues, then asks me if I have any questions in which I reply sure and I proceeded to asks a few, but what I really wanted to know was since when did Bootylisious doctors become so popular?


  1. Were most of the patients single women?

  2. I like bum doctor, bootylisious sounds like they are Greys Anatomy Drs or something.

  3. I remember my colonoscopy appointment...the drug they give you is miraculous; I didn't feel a thing, but it also helped that the one doctor holding me down was cute....I was flirting with him in my drowsy state and before I knew it, the tube was out! The wait was murder...about an hour. Whew, am I glad that's over at least for another 10 years!!! How are you? Everything in tip top shape? :) Anita

  4. I agree, bootylicious has nothing to do with someone medically checking out your bum. I haven't had to go that route yet :/ I hate waiting! It is so time consumingly wasteful! At least you get an appt in the States, even if you have to wait. We have to show up at the doctor, pay and get a number and then wait -- when the kids were little, waiting at the pediatrician's office could take hours. Imagine your child is sick and you are waiting that long. Thankfully, their doctor and I had a great relationship and sometimes he would sneak me in early. If I want to go to the doctor now, I make sure I show up before 9 am when they open so that I can hopefully get the first appt. I need a regular exam and mamo but just keep putting it off. At least your visit is over and done! Best wishes for your weekend! :) Tammy

  5. Oh man, I have not had a colon exam yet! I'm not looking forward to that at all.
    I'll have to remember bum Dr. I like it better then bootylicous. Sorry you had to wait soooo long. And they say our health care needs no reform. Oh excuse me.... that's another topic.

  6. I use to have a doctor like that. I hated it. Your appointment time met you waited at least 2 hours. No wonder you are sick! Just thinking about it can get me upset. I am so glad I don't see him anymore. I am so sorry that you have this as an added problem. I once asked, if they new how to make appointments. They did not think it was funny! Blessings, Martha

  7. Dearest Bunny! Thanks for coming around the fireside! I love the idea of a pear tarte for the Thanksgiving holidays! I made one a couple of years ago as well, but this recipe called for chocolate in the tarte as well! I am not a chocolate fan, but of course I have always been different....everyone else was head over heels! If you do make another pear tart, google the recipe for a chocolate pear tart and give it a try. I love this time of year, since it gets chilly, a fireplace place is warranted; it makes such a cozy environment. Have fun decorating and blessings, Anita

  8. I am always willing to wait 20 minutes and that is it. Especially if I am the first in the morning or the first after lunch. My doctors office staff learned really quick that 20 minutes is my limit. I don't mess around, I have bigger fish to fry than to sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting :)


  9. Now these are the moments where I expect you to tear him a new one because god knows that's what I would have wanted to do but then I'm not the one who can speak my mind on a dime. I'm just say'n... ;-)
    love yah♥ muax XX


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