Monday, April 26, 2010

Blue Tea Cup Tuesday

Blue is not my color even though it's probably the most popular color in the world. I have nothing against it, it's just not for me...having said that, my master bathroom is blue. When we moved in this house about 16 years ago, Eric said go for it, as far as decorating I did, but he just had one request, that I use blue in one room. I tried to opt for the garage but he wasn't going for it, so I settled for our bath...which extended to our now, I have two rooms of blue that I brake up with gold, cream, and white. I got use to it and so did he went I incorporated a blue tea cup in the bath along with pictures of them...I know, only me would put kitchen ware in this room...

Here's the tea cup sitting on top of an old vintage storage cabinet

and my window sill that contain lots of blue....loving the light through this color...

and here is the tea cup in a little vignette I arranged on my bed along with my reading glasses..

I purchased this cup in a the little Dutch coastal town up north from here called Solvang when we were first married. Eric asked, "were ya gonna put that ?..."in the bathroom of course".

Just one cup and one saucer. It has Duchess, bone china, made in England and Genevieve on the underneath. It's white with royal blue hanging baskets with bows and very detailed floral pattern along the edges along with well as the rim and handle.

Again I'd like to thank Martha and for some reason I've been forgetting to thank thank you ladies for inviting me to matter where your tea cup is.


  1. pretty blues but only as an accent color for me too!

  2. I LOVE BLUE. But the kind of blue your teacup is. Turquoises, royal, even navies. Blue is soothing, calming. LOVE IT. My dream is to decorate my bedroom right out of the website "Everything Turquoise". I love that blog. Whenever I need to relax I jump on over and take a deep breath and sigh.

  3. Beautiful blues! I do love blue -- it's in my kitchen right now as I have no place else to coordinate it. I did paint the boys bedroom blue. Love all your pretty teacups (real and otherwise) -- especially the blue glass bottles in the window. So pretty! Wishing you a terrific Tuesday! :) Tammy

  4. Such a pretty cup! I have used blue in my bathrooom too! Its a great colour for a bathroom x

  5. Those blues are just gorgeous. Loving those tea cups girl!

  6. I think blue and white tea cups and dishes can go with any color scheme. They are timesless and elegant and yours are lovely!!

  7. I love the color combo. All roads lead me back to the classic "Blue Willow" pattern and your teacup reminds me of that.

  8. Bunny, thanks for the grin today! I rather fancy that blue teacup, even if you keep it in the bathroom. There's no law forbidding that! Or is there? Thank you so much for visiting today and leaving such a sweet comment. Made my day! ~ Angela

  9. I collect the kind of cobalt glass you have in your window, and also good turquoise jewelry...I love blue, especially, in decor, with white..
    Your blog helps me resign myself to the fact that I live in an apartment and my decorating is limited to arranging my own things within the confines of limited space-
    your pictures are wonderful, thank you...something to aspire to for me!

  10. What a lovely tea cup! I love blue, but don't really decorate with it unless it is a sea glass kind of greenish blue. I know, I cheat!
    Your bedroom and bathroom must be just lovely.
    Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday,

  11. This is so pretty! I don't have blue things either, but it is a nice colour and the cup is gorgeous...I love the art work that matches it!

    I've joined in on the tea cup fun today too! Last time I did that, I ended up breaking a bone china tea cup....but this time all dangerous breakage was averted! yeah me!! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Lovely! I most enjoyed your post and the cup is so wonderful. I love visiting Solvang. The last time I was there my daughter was to little to go into the lovely shops! Now she is almost 8yr I think a trip may be in order find some lovely teacups! I love your blue bottles they are my favorite! All my best, Theresa

  13. Super lovely..I looove blues! I also like how you have the pretty pictures behind them..gorgeous!! Wonderful tea post! Yay!

  14. What a gorgeous cup and saucer!!! Beautiful!

  15. Loved the blue cup. You know what? I never was crazy about blue. Never. But now, after decades of avoiding it, my kitchen is done in blue and yellow. And I LOVE it. Please come by to visit anytime. Sincerely, Susan

  16. Hello there,

    Thanks for popping by to 'my little corner of the blogging world' for a cuppa!..,

    I appreciate your comments;I love all things tea and I love blue and white!..,

    It was 'too cute' to hear all about your escapades into incorporating a touch of blue into your decor depite the fact that it's just not your fav!~ That teacup and those pictures look 'tealightful'!.., Hehe..,

    ..,(Sorry, couldn't help myself)!.., They really do look delightful though, and I love how you've arranged them with perfume bottles, pictures and other little lovelies!

    Please do join me next week as well for my 29th,'Tuesday Tea For Two' as well as for my very special,20th 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee'!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  17. Beautiful!
    And I think a tea cup n the loo makes perfect sense! ;-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  18. Funny I never thought about liking or disliking blue until this post. I don't have any room in blue but do have blue accents in my dining room and one chair in my family room.

  19. Well, blue is my color! And I love your blue things.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Bunny, you are so funny! I'm not big on blue either, but what did I recently do, but paint my master bedroom blue! I wanted a change, and I got it! I do love blue and white china and your teacup is lovely. We passed by Solvang on our honeymoon over 20 years ago too!

  21. I really think your blue decor is beautiful. The tea cup looks very old and has such style. I like the color blue, but I prefer warm colors - I have been tempted a couple of times to go for blue but became scared I would regret it !!! Thanks so much for visiting my my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment.

  22. lovely blue teacup you have..

    I used to hate blue so much before but lately, that has changed and I got myself few blue teacups which I love.. and they always look good even in the loo or bathroom..

    thanks for sharing and wishing you great week!

  23. Blue does suit you, Bunny! I have always been partial to green, but with these gorgeous shades coming out on people's blogs like the robin's egg hue are making my head turn! Anita

  24. I love your pretty blue cup and your vignette is really lovely too. I think blue suits you!

    Best wishes,


  26. Hey Bunny, blue is my favorite color HOWEVER I have do not have any blue in the house.

    I do wear blue a lot and I adore blue and white together. It's crisp and it was also my school uniform so I guess my love for the color started early on! The uniform was a white bouse with a navy blue skirt with a bib and two straps that criss crossed in the back. By the time we got to high school, the uniform changed to light blue plaid and I still see it around today at Catholic girl's schools.

    Have a great day! Bonnie

    PS - I LOVE that tea cup!

  27. I do love blue! Half my house is blue. I love your pretty teacup and the teapot pictures. :-)

  28. I love all your blue. My fav is cobalt. My husband doesn't like blue and when I told him we needed blue in the house, he said, "We have blue from the windows...the sky!" What ever, dear.

  29. Hi Bunny: I am running a day late today. Just have to stop by and tell you I love your tea cup. It is just stunning. For someone who does not like blue you picked a beauty. Thank you for sharing it Bunny. Can't wait to see what you will do next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  30. Pretty! I'm going to have to do this Teacup Tuesday. I have a slew of beautiful cups I'd like to share too.

  31. Hi Bunny, thank you for stopping by for the giveaway & becoming a follower - love your sweet comments. I'm now a follower of yours.

    xo, Maria

  32. Bunny your blues are awesome! Its always been my fav. and i need it around always for the way it makes me feel. I've done the bdrm and bthrm in blues, from navy to baby blues. Our bdrm is Chinese theme but no red!
    We went through Solvang years ago on a 17 day bus tour of Calif. that was incredible. I loved all the delft blue things. We still long for their fabulous pastries also.
    Love love the blue glass in the window; all your things are so pretty and elegant, just like you!

  33. I just love this beautiful Tea Cup! I love the lace in window! Your vignette is so pretty, the prints, the cups the glasses! I loved seeing it in your bedroom too!

  34. We live in Alameda in a Victorian built in 1880. While I love antiques as accents, for the parlor we have traditional furniture because to me it's more comfortable. I do have a marvelous 120 year old dining room table and chairs. Wonderful old stuff. Your tea cup is gorgeous! So stylish. And my Lord, you really have an eye for what makes a great photo!


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