Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planting the Interview Seed

ecently, my blogging friend David from "Views of a Star Child" interviewed his partner Sam with hysterical results. What made it funny to me is that they weren't trying to be funny and just let us in on a slice of regular life as it were. Having read that, it gave me an idea to interview all my family members thinking it would be very interesting and give you folks some sort of insight as to how we function and interact as a family. I'm starting with my hubby Eric and so having known him for 21 years, I just can't spring things on him...I need to plant the seed and little by little water the pot so he can get use to the idea.

scenario: Eric is sitting at the computer looking at something...I don't know what it is...yet. I am folding laundry about 5 feet away from him.... I begin telling him about my friend David and how he interviewed his partner Sam and so and so on...Planting the seed~

Me.... So, can I interview you?
Eric.... Why?
Me.... I think it would be funny and my blogger friends know me. I thought it would be nice
if they got to know you.
Eric ... No good could come of it.
Me think it'll be interesting, what do ya think?
Eric.... Why? Is it because your friend did it on his blog?
Me.... come on...
Eric.... No!

Long Silence....and I grab a tablet and a pen...

Eric ....Who's Sam?
Me....... David, he's my friend, Sam is his partner.
Eric ......Do you know Sam?
Me ..... No...why?
Eric ....Sam the man
Me..... what?
Eric..... Don't write that! Are you interviewing me now? Why did you ask me if your already
writing things down?
Me...... LMAO

Eric turns to the computer screen and now I hear a hockey game...he's not looking at me, he's watching the screen very intently...

Me..... So? No interview?
Eric.... What'cha wanna do, talk about? Why? (still looking at the screen)
Me..... I think people would like a little insight as to how you work.
Eric..... I work very well!

He turns off the sound on the computer and turns to me...

Eric .....Do I have too?
Me .....No...that's OK.
Eric..... I'm trying to watch hockey here. Can you wait till after hockey season?
Me... Are you serious?
Eric..... yes...are you?
Me...... Serious about what? Interviews?
Eric ....Tell your friends there is nothing interesting about me. I'm just a regular guy who likes
Me..... I think you just did.
Eric.... I knew it!

And there you have it people, an interview with Eric or a prelude to an interview. I'm curious...what would your partner do if you ask them for an interview? Wouldn't it be interesting to see who goes for it and what they have to say. BTW...I'm gonna still work on him but in the meantime I'll bribe Raquel into one...
Sorry David...I


  1. Thanks for your visit today. Have a good day..Julian

  2. Ok maybe lol! I'll have to visit your friends blog first. I would not know what to ask them.

  3. Very good! I thought, for a second, you were going to have more luck than me. But no. LOL

    I am just biding my time, and then I will try with Sam again. I need to catch him between his farmville playing, Dr Who watching, takeaway eating habits, and hope he is in a receptive mood.

    Men! Ha!

  4. So funny! My dh would say exactly that plus what the H*** its the playoffs!

    Course he wouldn't have to cuz i'm a huge Canucks fan too, lol.


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